Joe Biden got how many votes?!

In the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden got over 81 million votes.

This is different, however, from saying over 81 million people voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Yes, there were over 81 million votes registered for Joe Biden, but did over 81 million people actually vote for Joe Biden?

Let’s give this claim the smell test.

If we look back at the 2020 presidential race, Joe Biden was very unimpressive in his own party’s primary elections.

Once Biden was crowned with the democrat party nomination, his campaign for president was almost non-existent.

He rarely appeared anywhere, and when he did his turnout was abysmal and embarrassing.  

Yet, we are told to believe Joe Biden received more votes than any presidential candidate in history?!

We are told to believe that Joe Biden got almost 12 million more votes than Barack Obama got in 2008, and over 16 million more than Obama got in 2012?!


Joe Biden’s 81+ million votes was 7 million more than President Trump got, and President Trump’s 74+ million votes was 11 million more votes than he got when he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

And Joe Biden supposedly beat President Trump, even though the votes President Trump received from African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians were up between 4%-7%.

Again…, really?

That’s an impressive gain.

It’s also always been said that no one wins the White House without winning Ohio…, but Joe Biden did.

So, how did Joe Biden manage to win the election?

That’s the question any fair-minded and independent thinking person has to ask.

And anyone with any common sense would have to say that Joe Biden’s victory DOES NOT pass the smell test…, not by a long shot.

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Hey, Lyin’ Joe Biden…, quit trying to laugh-off the truth!

Honestly, Joe,…, there’s nothing funny about your family’s corruption or your pathological lying.  

Every time, during this last presidential debate, President Trump raised some of the inconvenient truths about your lies, your record, your policy positions, or your family’s criminal activity, we were subjected to an annoying smirk, a shake of your head, or an attempt to laugh-off any question or comment that was uncomfortable for you.

We understand you’re not used to this kind of treatment by your mainstream media friends, but saying, “that’s not true,” or attempting to deflect attention towards some other fraudulent claim just doesn’t cut it…, especially when there is video of you saying exactly what The President claimed you said, or there is documented evidence of you doing exactly what he claimed you did.

It’s honestly quite frustrating to see you are allowed to continually get away with this course of action, while we see President Trump’s feet held to the fire on everything he has said and even things he didn’t actually say!

It’s a shame that you are treated like a pathetic, old, dementia patient, Sleepy Joe, even as you try and weasel your way into the toughest and most demanding job in the world. 

It’s hard to believe that you were the best the democrats could come up with.  

C’mon man!

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