Cash only. No checks or credit cards accepted. – The country of Iran!

This is just beautiful.

Only a democrat president could get away with something like this without being vilified by every news outlet in the country, not to mention our ever-vigilant late night talk show hosts!

So, anyway, here’s the deal:

President Obama is feeling the pressure from Iran about their nuclear arms deal. And President Obama, being the shrewd deal maker he is, bows to Iran’s demands, and ships $1.7 BILLION…IN CASH over to Iran.  They had to do cash, of course, in order to get around our own monetary sanctions against Iran!  Like I said…, beautiful.

First, on January 16, 2016, via an unmarked 747 cargo jet, there was a shipment of $400 MILLION…IN CASH, in euros, Swiss francs and other currencies. That same day four American detainees just happened to be released by Iran.  But this wasn’t a ransom payment (which would be illegal), President Obama claimed, and of course he was taken at his word and no further questions were asked.

Two days later, another unmarked cargo jet delivered a shipment of $1.3 BILLION…IN CASH to Iran.

Since when is the President of The United States allowed to ship money anywhere? Especially $1.7 BILLION?

Isn’t the Congress responsible for spending OUR money? Was this all approved by Congress?

Exactly who does the President call when he wants to get his hands on $1.7 BILLION?

Who arranged for these mystery delivery planes? And who exactly made up the crews for these planes?  Why did someone feel they needed to be unmarked?

How many dump trucks full of cash were required to pick up all of this money up from wherever and deliver it to the airport?

I’ve got a lot of questions about this whole situation that nobody seems to have thought of yet. Maybe I should have been a reporter!  Nobody else had any questions about this?

Well, yes, President Trump did, and he started this whole discussion with a tweet:

“Never gotten over the fact that Obama was able to send $1.7 Billion Dollars in CASH to Iran and nobody in Congress, the FBI or Justice called for an investigation!”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 18, 2018

Glenn Kessler, of The Washington Post, quickly responded in defense of President Obama, just like he would for President Trump, I’m sure.

Kessler’s response was challenged, which resulted in an article in The Washington Post, by Glenn Kessler, addressing the whole situation.

In Kessler’s article, he immediately announced that, “This will be an unusual fact check.”

Why would we think otherwise?

He also felt it was necessary to say that, “We went into this exercise with an open mind…”

Oh, so you’re making an exception in this case? I don’t think so.

He also admitted that, “The situation certainly looks unusual on its face.”

It certainly does, Ollie…, it certainly does!

Mr. Kessler then proceeded to trip all over himself, trying to come up with a valid and/or believable reason explaining how this all was legal.

In the end, he deems the $1.3 BILLION was a penalty interest payment due because of money that was not paid to Iran back in 1979. Really?  Is that the best you can come up with?  And something from 39 years ago?!

Kessler then wraps up his article by saying, “Regular readers know we have been willing to award ourselves Pinocchios (as a rating for untruthfulness) if we get something incorrect. But that’s not the case here.  One can certainly disagree with the Obama administration’s decision to send a jet with cash to Tehran on the same day that American detainees were released, but the action taken did not violate the law passed by Congress.”

Oh no, that is certainly “not the case here.”

The level of media bias here is just mind-blowing.

In the case of this Obama administration action, The Washington Post scours the Congressional archives in order to stitch together some kind of explanation. And the only reason they were grudgingly forced to even look at it was in response to a tweet by President Trump.

If this was something done under the Trump administration, the point of attack would have been a complete 180, and they would have calling for impeachment, I’m sure.

I hope at least we got a receipt!

iran deal

Located between Dumassistan and Usukistan, we have Iran.

Now that President Trump has pulled the plug on Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more out of Iran.

After President Trump gets North Korea back on track, Iran will be the next problem in his cross hairs.

So what’s the deal with Iran? Well, let’s take a look.

Iran is currently lead by who it calls its “supreme leader,’ Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. “Ayatollah” is a title which means, among Shiʿites, a level in the religious hierarchy achieved by scholars who have demonstrated highly advanced knowledge of Islamic law and religion.

Is that on the same level as Darth Vader?

Area-wise, Iran is a little smaller than Alaska, and it has 81 million people, which is about the same size as Germany.

Iran has the 18th largest economy in the world, sandwiched in-between Canada and Australia.

“Women’s and children’s rights are horrendous there, in fact Iran’s overall human rights record is exceptionally poor,” according to the United Nations.

One of the benefits Iran received from Obama’s failed deal was the release of over $150 billion of frozen assets, along with getting $1.7 billion in cash (sent over in the middle of the night in an unmarked aircraft). Yes, apparently this was legal in someone’s world.

Just recently, The Obama Administration has also been accused of trying to give Iran secret access to the financial system of the United States.

This IS totally illegal, if true.

“Perhaps we could get the 13 Angry Democrats (in the Mueller Probe) to divert some of their energy to this ‘matter’ (as Comey would call it). Investigate!” President Trump said Thursday.

Well, regardless of how they got our money, Iran used the money to increase its spending on exporting terror through the Middle East, as opposed to using the money to help its own people.

Since the U.S.’s economic sanctions are beginning to take hold against Iran again, Iran is threatening the European countries with pursuing nuclear weapons again if they don’t ignore our re-imposed sanctions. Like they ever really stopped developing their nuclear weapons in the first place.

According to an article by Struan Stevenson at UPI, “Massive uprisings across Iran, which began in late December, have continued sporadically to this day. Recent widespread strikes and protests by truck drivers and civil servants have almost brought the country to a standstill. The theocratic regime’s response has been a ferocious crackdown. Hundreds of protesters have been killed and wounded on the streets. 8,000 have been arrested, 14 of whom have been tortured to death in custody. The pervasive use of the death penalty to eliminate political prisoners has catapulted Iran to the number one spot as state executioner per capita in the world. Over half of the recorded executions in the world now take place in Iran, with mass hangings often taking place in public.”

Sounds like a great place, hey?

I’m sorry, but President Obama was played for a fool in Iran, to say the least, along with his Secretary of State, Ben Dover (say that name fast three time). Actually Obama’s Secretary of State was John Kerry.

Hopefully President Trump is able to clean up this mess as well, or at least make some progress with Iran.

If you’re real quiet you can hear Iran’s representative’s message to us all.

“Death to all Americans!”

“Death to The United States!”

Ain’t they sweet?



Does this case, and others like it, prove there is a God?

There are many things in this life that people do that really don’t make sense.

Many of these things we do are on behalf of others we don’t even know.

Many of these things don’t benefit us or are even in our own best interests, depending on what you believe those interests are.

Then why do we do them?

Is it because God is moving us to do them?

This latest case is about a robbery and murder that happened over 30 years ago.  The police had no leads, nor were they even actively investigating the crime anymore.

According to Chris Irvine and Fox News, “Glenn Adams, 58, just walked into the Cowlitz County Hall of Justice in Kelso, Washington and confessed to the 1986 killing of Russell Haines, just because he wanted to ‘right the wrong that he had done.’”

What does he mean by that, to “right the wrong that he had done?”  What is making him feel guilty about what he had done?  Why does he feel the need to “right the wrong?”

Unless God is involved in there somewhere, this kind of thinking doesn’t make any sense at all.  Does it?

How about when we choose to donate some our hard earned money to people or groups we don’t even know or will probably ever meet?  How are we “moved” to do something like this, even though it brings no apparent, tangible, benefit to us?

Again, unless God is involved in there somewhere, this kind of thinking doesn’t make any sense at all.  Does it?

How about when we choose to actually donate some our valuable time and energy to various people or groups?  In some cases, these efforts can be more self-serving than anything else, but in other cases, we are “moved” to do these things, even though it brings no tangible benefit to us.

Again, unless God is involved in there somewhere, these kinds of actions don’t make any sense.  Do they?

So, again, then why do we do these things?

I, for one, believe it is God.  I believe it is The Holy Spirit touching our hearts and our heads.  I believe it is The Holy Spirit influencing us and moving us in ways that God wants us to move.  He uses us as His tools and as His agents to act on His behalf in this world.

That is what I believe.

What do you think?   I’d really like to hear your feelings about this.  Please take a little time give me some feedback.

“6 Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. 7 You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’  8 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.  So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” –  John 3:6-8

“But you will receive power when The Holy Spirit comes upon you.” – Acts 1:8

holy spirit


Unicorns were real! And a new fossil shows when and where they lived.

It turns out that the unicorn isn’t just a myth after all.

But it didn’t look exactly like what we all have come to envision a unicorn looking like.

According to a study printed in the “American Journal of Applied Sciences,” the Siberian unicorn, whose scientific name is Elasmotherium sibiricum, last walked the Earth about 29,000 years ago.

Scientists previously thought this creature died out about 350,000 years ago, but a newly discovered fossilized skull reveals it lived here much more recently.

The skull was found in the northeast region of the country of Kazakhstan, which is just below (south of) Russia, northwest of China, and north of Afghanistan.

Before you get too excited, though, here’s the catch: The Siberian unicorn really looked like more of a mix between a rhinoceros and a horse than a horse. It reportedly stood about 6 feet 6 inches tall, measured around 15 feet long, and weighed about 8,000 pounds. That’s closer to woolly mammoth-sized than horse-sized.

The unicorn is a legendary creature that most people think of as a white horse, with a slender, spiral horn, called an alicorn, growing out of its forehead.


Magical powers have always been associated with the unicorn. From its amazing strength (Jewish legend says they can kill an elephant!) to its ability to tell truth from lies, (Confronted by a liar, a unicorn will pierce a liar through the heart!) the unicorn occupies a special place in human history and culture, similar to that of dragons. They are depicted in our art and architecture and are frequently mentioned in songs, poetry, histories and stories.

The earliest record of unicorns in literature goes back 2,500 years to the ancient Greeks.

In his travels, Marco Polo believed he stumbled across unicorns. He wrote, “They are very ugly brutes to look at. They are not at all such as we describe unicorns.” That’s because what he saw then were actually rhinoceroses.

Who knows, maybe the unicorns of our magical stories did exist as well. Until we find proof of them, however, we’ll have to be satisfied with the Siberian variety.

unicorn real

Who are our “friends” (speaking about The United States)? Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Is the friend of my enemy also my enemy? Can a country be a friend to both me and my enemy?

These are interesting questions these days, when countries around the world are interacting with each other, and their own people, regarding trade, national defense and their ways of doing business in general.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” is an ancient proverb which suggests that otherwise unfriendly parties can, or should, work together against a common enemy.

The earliest known expression of this concept is found in a book called the Arthashastra (ARTH-A-SHAS-TRA), which dates to around the 4th century BC.

The Arthashastra is an ancient Indian book on matters of state, economic policy and military strategy, and likely to be the work of several authors over the centuries.

The title “Arthashastra” is often translated into “The science of politics.”

So anyway, is the enemy of my enemy my friend?

The answer is “for the time being,” “as long as it’s necessary,” “as long as it’s convenient’” “sometimes,” “it depends,” yes,” and “no.”

Ha! Very little is “black and white” in this world.  The matter of political “friendships” is definitely no exception.

The Soviet Union (Russia, these days), during World War II, is a perfect example of “as long as it’s necessary.” The ONLY thing that drew us together as allies was our common enemy (Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler). As soon as Germany was defeated our alliance evaporated like a small puddle in the middle of summer.

In The Middle East, we have befriended Iraq versus Iran, then Iran versus Iraq, and then back again to Iraq versus Iran. In these cases, we were usually siding with the lesser of two evils.

There is another old saying, “Time heals all wounds,” that is applicable in a lot of these relationships as well. This saying may even have origins predating the other one.

There are a couple of examples here that are quite interesting.

First, let’s take a look at Japan and the U.S. Japan surprise attacked us at Pearl Harbor, we fought a bitter war against them, and then we dropped two atomic bombs on them.  You would think that the relationship between our countries would be irreparable.  Yet, here we are, sixty years later, and we have a pretty good, if not good, relationship with Japan.

Secondly, how about Germany!? Germany: the country that committed innumerable atrocities all across Europe, were responsible for The Holocaust, and were responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of other people.  Surely this relationship could never be repaired.  Yet, here we are, sixty years later, and we have a very good relationship with Germany.

It’s actually pretty amazing how time has healed these massive wounds. I’m sure, at the time, no one could have envisioned where we are now, relation-wise, with these countries.

I guess as people grow old and die, and the next generation assumes its place in history, memories fade. And the more time that goes by, the hazier history becomes.  That is why, in many cases, we are doomed to repeat it.

Many of our “friends” around the world are only friends of convenience, or better yet, “friends with benefits.”

Many, if not all, of our international “friends” have been taking advantage of us, our “good heartedness,” and in many cases the stupidity of our politicians,” for many, many, many years.

As President Trump attempts to make international trade fair, or at least fairer, we will see which countries are interested in having a good relationship with us.

In the end, we really shouldn’t be in the business of making friends, however.  We should be in the business of earning respect, and with being treated honorably and fairly.

trump giving country back resized

Bingo bango bongo, this climbing “clown” was from the Congo!

The “clown” referred to here, as deemed by President Trump, is a woman who decided to climb up to the feet of Lady Liberty to protest President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on immigration and the separation of families at the border.

The woman, Therese Patricia Okoumou, 44, an immigrant activist from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who climbed Statue of Liberty, said Michelle Obama inspired her. “Michelle Obama, our beloved First Lady that I care so much about, said, ‘When they go low, we go high,’ and I went as high as I could.”

I guess she didn’t want to “go high” during the Obama years, when 89,000 children were separated from “their parents” at the border, versus the 1,900 have been separated under President Trump. Hmmm, I wonder why that would be?  Maybe she didn’t want to upset “her beloved” First Lady.

I also don’t recall the Democrats going “high” while conservatives went “low” very much. The Democrats may have been “high” while they went “low,” but they didn’t take the high road very often.  I really think their idea of “going high” is just ignoring any criticism they encounter, while glossing over any of their misdeeds.  Another example of Democrats “going high” is when they talk a good game on an issue, but then actually do nothing.

During a rally in Montana Thursday night, President Trump reacted to the story. “You saw that clown yesterday on the Statue of Liberty?” the President asked the crowd. “You see the guys that went up there? I wouldn’t have done it. I would have said let’s get some nets and wait ’til she comes down.”

To make matters worse, Ms. Okoumou decided to pull her stunt on the 4th of July.  So here you’ve got all of these patriotic Americans waiting for the tour, when this goof decides to climb the statue, at which point they have to shut down the statue and evacuate Liberty Island.  In all, the U.S. Parks Police had to evacuate over 4,000 visitors from Liberty Island! They should have handed out rocks to see if anyone could bring her down in a more expeditious manner!

The whole thing began when Ms. Okoumou went to Liberty Island with the protest group Rise and Resist, who planned on unfurling a banner that read “Abolish ICE.”

Ok, thank you. Now we have an understanding of the level of intelligence, or a lack there of, of the members in this group.

Okoumou was arrested Wednesday after a three-hour standoff that began about 3 p.m. when someone noticed her waving a T-shirt with the words “Trump Care Makes Us Sick” from up on the statue.

Uh, just to let you know, honey, there is no such thing as “Trump Care,” so you must just be experiencing an ObamaCare hangover.

She was charged with trespassing, interfering in an agency function and disorderly conduct.

At her arraignment, the courtroom erupted in thunderous applause after she pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Typical brilliant liberal strategy. Let’s plead not guilty when there were over 4,000 witnesses to me being guilty.  Who does she think she is, Hillary Clinton!?

Okoumou went on to say, “Trump has wrecked this country apart. It is depressing, it is outrageous. I can say a lot of things about this monster, but I will stop at this: His draconian zero-tolerance policy on immigration has to go. In a democracy, we do not put children in cages. Period.”

Oh yes, please lecture us on what happens in a democracy, although, by the way, The United States is a Republic, not a democracy. Please lecture us about what a “monster” President Trump is in dealing with the 1,900 ILLEGAL immigrants in this situation, while Barack Obama oversaw 89,000 children that were separated from “their parents” at the border.  How do you spell hypocrite?  H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E.  That’s you and your friends Ms. Okoumou.

According to Larry Celona, Tina Moore and Chris Perez of “The New York Post,” here some other tidbits we should know about the daring Ms. Okoumou:

“According to court records, she’s a Congolese immigrant who once filed a complaint with the New York City Commission on Human Rights, seeking a judicial review and reversal of a ‘determination’ it made regarding alleged incidents of abuse that Okoumou suffered at the hands of a social services agency on Staten Island where she worked.”

“Specifically, Okoumou claimed that in 2005, she was treated ‘in a demeaning manner’ by her bosses and told that she would be fired ‘for complaining of discrimination.’ It’s unclear why her complaint was tossed out.”

I’m just guessing, but probably because it was frivolous and stupid, just like her claims against President Trump. She is obviously not one to let facts get in the way of a good protest!

“In 2011, Okoumou made headlines after she was hit with an astounding 60 violations for illegally posting ads for her services as a personal trainer.”

“The Department of Sanitation slapped her with $4,500 in fines that year after she spent five hours one Sunday posting the fliers on Manhattan utility poles.”

There go those darn laws getting in the way again! Did you ever notice how these people are soooo concerned with everyone obeying the law, except them?

“In 2017, she was arrested and charged with obstructing governmental administration, unlawful assembly and trespassing during a demonstration at the Department of Labor building. She had allegedly covered her mouth with tape and refused to respond to police demands.”

Members of her group described her on social media as a “total bad ass.”

My response would be that her group really has no idea what constitutes being a “bad ass.”

My response would be that she should be described as a “total dumb ass,” not a “bad ass.”

trump vs obama separating familes



NASA said “Your Momma” did what?

Not “Your Momma.” We’re talking about a cigar-shaped object named ‘Oumuamua that sailed past Earth at 97,200mph in October of 2017.

Please refer back to my blog, “A Mysterious Object from Deep Space passed through our Solar System,” from October 30, 2017, for some additional background.

Apparently, this “object” that was first believed to be a comet, then believed to be an asteroid, then believed to be a comet again, got an “unexpected boost in speed” and “a shift in trajectory” as it passed through our inner solar system last year.

Hmmm. What natural object gets “an unexpected boost in speed” as it’s traveling, or experiences a “shift in trajectory” (it turned) while flying through space?

If you answered “no natural object does these things while flying through space,” you’re a winner! “Tell ‘em what they’ve won Chuck!”  “You’ve won the satisfaction of know you may be smarter than a space scientist!”

As stated in an article by Mark Prigg For, some scientists “believed jets of gaseous material expelled from its (the object’s) surface caused speed boost.”

Oh, you mean like when our spaceships fire a booster, expelling gasses?

“Its appearance and behavior baffled scientists and led to speculation that it might even be an alien artefact, and now they have found it got a strange speed boost while passing through, which has helped identify it as a comet.”

It only helps identify the object as a comet if you are unwilling to consider any other possibilities.

“A European-led team also makes the case in the journal “Nature:”

“‘Our high-precision measurements of ′Oumuamua’s position revealed that there was something affecting its motion other than the gravitational forces of the Sun and planets,’ said Marco Micheli of ESA’s (European Space Agency) Space Situational Awareness Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre in Frascati, Italy, and lead author of a paper describing the team’s findings.’”

“But according to team scientist Olivier Hainaut of the European Southern Observatory, ‘there were no visible signs of outgassing from ′Oumuamua, so these forces were not expected.’”

It’s funny how nothing seems to “add up” for these scientists, yet they seem to feel pretty confident about what we’re looking at here.

′Oumuamua is named after the Hawaiian term for ‘scout’ or ‘messenger.’

Alien hunters at SETI (the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence), based at Berkeley University, California, said there was a possibility the object was “alien” in nature.

Most other scientists appear satisfied to classify the object as either a comet or an asteroid that was just passing through.

What do you think?

path of interstellar object


A leaked Pentagon report admits a US aircraft carrier was harassed for days by a UFO!

This Pentagon report now corroborates prior accounts by US naval pilots and other US naval personnel.

The leaked report, which was obtained by Las Vegas’ TV station, KLAS, tells how the USS Princeton, a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser, had multiple radar contacts with what it called an Anomalous Aerial Vehicle (AAV). The report refers to this AAV as “supersonic,” and as a “Tic Tac shaped UFO.”  The report goes on to say that, “…the object ‘stalked’ a U.S. aircraft carrier, in November of 2004, for days before vanishing into thin air.”

The object, which could reportedly hover in midair and make itself invisible, toyed with U.S. Navy fighter pilots during a training exercise over the Pacific Ocean.

The USS Princeton’s radar caught the object hovering at 60,000 feet before nosediving to the ocean surface in a matter of seconds. It then sped off so rapidly that crew members thought it was a ballistic missile.

It appeared again two days later, and a pair of F-18 jets were scrambled to intercept it, but pilots reported that the object had turned itself invisible. Although invisible, it could still be detected as it was producing a circular disturbance in the water “about 50 to 100 meters (approximately 100 yards) in diameter.”

The craft was described as “solid white, smooth, with no edges… uniformly colored with no nacelles (tanks), pylons or wings,” and it looked like “an elongated egg or Tic Tac,” according to one of the pilots.

Days later, a second jet spotted the same disturbance, and this time saw the UFO hovering above it “like a Harrier (a vertical take-off jet).”

The truth is out there.

Portions of this article were taken from an article by Jacob Dirbhuber, which originally appeared in “The Sun.”

the truth is out there

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Join me in looking at our world with some conservative common sense, compassion, and a sense of curiosity. I’m expecting you to find my blogs informative, entertaining, and thought provoking.”

And remember, stay thirsty my friends…, but don’t drink the Kool-Aid!


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