There’s this club…, and you ain’t in it!

As time goes by, and we see how we seem to have a two-tiered justice system…, it’s very apparent that there is a big, privileged club, out there and we ain’t in it!

aclub 1

Yes folks…, a big, privileged club that does not have to obey the laws like we do, or at least be free of any accountability to the American people.

So who’s in “the club?”

aclub 8

aclub 2

aclub 3

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Well, we’ve got Hillary, followed by James Comey, the “lovers” Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, James Clapper, William Brennam, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, John Kerry, all of the FISA Court Judges, all of the liberal New York And D.C. District Judges, and our lying “Russian collusion” and impeachment happy members of congress…, just for starters!

Hopefully Attorney General Barr and Investigator John Durham charge some of these club members with something before we all die of old age!

I can’t say we’re WINNING with “the club” just yet…, but the fat lady hasn’t sung yet either.

I’m still holding out hope that at least SOME level of justice will prevail.


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The Office of Special Counsel recommends firing the President’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway, over alleged Hatch Act violations!?

First of all…, what the heck is “The Office of Special Counsel?!”

And second of all, what the heck is the Hatch Act?!

According to online-sources, “The United States Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is a permanent independent federal investigative and prosecutorial agency.”

Please note that “independent” is usually a code word that actually means “liberal.”

“The OSC’s primary mission is the safeguarding of the merit system in federal employment by protecting employees and applicants from ‘prohibited personnel practices,’ especially reprisal for ‘whistleblowing.’”

Ahhh yes…, “safeguarding” and “whistleblowing.”  Let’s be clear…, the only “safeguarding” that takes place is reserved for members of “the swamp.”  Regarding “whistleblowing,” the OSC protects federal employees who are whistleblowers UNLESS that whistleblowing has to do with liberal activity or liberal individuals…, in which case the whistleblowers are either ignored or vilified.

“The agency also operates a secure channel for federal whistleblower disclosures of violations of law, rule, or regulation; gross mismanagement; gross waste of funds; abuse of authority; and substantial and specific danger to public health and safety.”

For example…, how many charges of “gross mismanagement” or “gross waste of funds” have you ever heard come out of this office before?

None, right?

I sure don’t remember any.

So, I guess there has never been any “gross mismanagement” or “gross waste of funds” in the federal government!

That’s really good to know!

I’m sooo relieved!

Again…, this “secure channel” is really a “secure filter” that determines whether the allegation ever sees the light of day.

“In addition, OSC issues advice on the Hatch Act and enforces its restrictions on partisan political activity by government employees.”

This is the area we are dealing with in this case.

“OSC has a staff of around 120 and is currently run by Henry Kerner.”

According to Brooke Singman of Fox News, “The Office of Special Counsel recommended Thursday that Kellyanne Conway be fired from the federal government for violating the Hatch Act on ‘numerous occasions.’”

“The OSC said, in a report released Thursday, that White House Counselor Conway violated the Hatch Act by ‘disparaging Democratic presidential candidates’ while speaking in her official capacity during television interviews and on social media.”

kelly 5

‘“Ms. Conway’s violations, if left unpunished, would send a message to all federal employees that they need not abide by the Hatch Act’s restrictions. Her actions thus erode the principal foundation of our democratic system—the rule of law,’ the OSC said in a statement Thursday, noting that Conway has been a ‘repeat offender.’”

In review…, the Hatch Act deals with enforcing restrictions on partisan political activity by government employees.

Please enlighten me as to which spokesperson, for any president, has dealt in a non-partisan manner?

If I were to list all of the government employees here that were ever “guilty” of partisan political statements and activities here, the list would virtually be endless.

kelly 8

What we have here is another case of “swamp fever” and/or “Trump derangement syndrome” rearing its ugly head.

kelly 7

kelly 6

These people have to be kidding, right?

Meanwhile, “The White House on Thursday blasted the OSC ruling as ‘unprecedented.’”

Yes…, and that’s EXACTLY what it was…, “UNPRECEDENTED.”

‘“The Office of Special Counsel’s (OSC) unprecedented actions against Kellyanne Conway are deeply flawed and violate her constitutional rights to free speech and due process.  Others, of all political views, have objected to the OSC’s unclear and unevenly applied rules which have a chilling effect on free speech for all federal employees,’ deputy press secretary Steven Groves said in a statement Thursday. ‘Its decisions seem to be influenced by media pressure and liberal organizations – and perhaps OSC should be mindful of its own mandate to act in a fair, impartial, non-political manner, and not misinterpret or weaponize the Hatch Act.’”

kelly 3

Well, that’s really putting it nicely.

What happens when The Office of Special Counsel is the one displaying “partisan political activity by government employees?”

Just sayin’.

kelly 1


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“Love means never having to say you’re sorry…,” just like when you’re a liberal/democrat.

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry” is a line from the 1970 movie “Love Story.”  It’s a popular quote that has probably outlived the movie itself.

Fast forward to 2019, where being a liberal/democrat means never having to say you’re sorry!

liberal privilege_t3

And we’ve got many, many examples that would support this claim.

We have countless members of the “biased, liberal propaganda, fake news media” who owe President Trump and the American people an apology for perpetrating the Russian collusion hoax on us daily for close to two years now.

cnn liar

We have our newly elected, “distinguished,” democrat members of Congress, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

Ms. Omar has made it a habit of making racist remarks and racist accusations directed at Israel and our Jewish friends.  In addition, the democrats have wisely assigned her to the House Foreign Affairs Committee!


Besides Ms. Tlaib’s anti-semitic racist commentary, while speaking to a crowd at an event sponsored by the liberal propaganda organization “MoveOn,” Tlaib recalled the moment she won her election in November…, “And when your son looks at you and says, ‘Mama look, you won.  Bullies don’t win,’ and I said, ‘Baby, they don’t,’ because we’re gonna go in there and we’re going to impeach the motherf****r [referring to President Trump].”

Stay classy Ms. Tlaib.

liberal priviege 2

Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez managed to muck-up Amazon bringing over 25,000 good paying jobs to New York City, and still refuses to admit she obviously made a big mistake.

We have congressmen Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler STILL claiming to have evidence of Russian collusion, in regards to President Trump.

And the latest shameless example is B-list actor Jussie Smollett. In case you’re not familiar with his case, Smollett hired two brothers, who are black by the way (he has not been accused of being intelligent), to “attack” him while yelling, “This is MAGA (Make America Great Again) country!”  In an attempt to stage a “hate crime” against himself.  Like I said, he has not been accused of being intelligent.  He has been caught red handed, but still refuses to accept responsibility for his actions.

liberal privelege 3

Douglas MacKinnon of Fox News agrees. “There is nothing more powerful in our nation than liberal privilege. Nothing. Being a far-left, liberal, or a democrat, means you never have to apologize for anything. You never have to admit you were wrong. You never have to be accountable. Ever.”

“By far, the biggest laugh in this latest miscarriage of justice was provided by Rahm Emanuel, the far-left liberal Democratic Mayor of Chicago, protesting the dropping of all charges against Smollett.”

‘“This is a whitewash of justice,’ Emanuel declared.  ‘Where is the accountability in the system?  You cannot have, because of a person’s position, one set of rules apply to them and another set of rules apply to everybody else.’”

“Emanuel deserves an Academy Award for getting that line out with a straight face. He has benefited his entire political career [most notably during his career within the Obama administration] from ‘no accountability.’ He and those he has worked for in the past have operated under the Liberal Privilege set of rules only because of their positions.”

MacKinnon adds, “For the most part, “liberal privilege” exists because over the course of the last five decades or so, the three major “megaphones” of our nation, the media, entertainment, and academia, were ceded to the liberal and far-left class.”

So in 2019, does being a liberal/democrat really mean you never have to say you’re sorry?

Apparently so my friends.

Apparently so.

liberal privilege


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