Just as I expected!

I’m sure many of us are now aware of the “outrageous” amount of money spent by various department heads in the current Trump administration on private air travel. It’s crazy!  It must have been over a few hundred thousand dollars! (Which has all been paid back by the way)

But hold on. Lo and behold, this is just another case of selective outrage. Another example of the biased media deciding to do the job they should have been doing all along.  It has now been learned that just one department (The Department of the Interior) spent over $970,000 on private flights, between 2010 and 2016, under the Obama administration.  I don’t recall hearing anything about that at the time, do you?  And that’s only one department!  There are 15 major government departments.  How much would you care to bet that during the Obama administration, over $10 million taxpayer dollars were spent on private flights, without even one word being raised by our ever watchful, ever on guard, ever fair and ever balanced news media?

I bet you don’t want to bet.

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