Is the Circus Coming to Town?

I realize that a lot of Circus and Carnival people winter down in Florida, but Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, really?  If you look at, and listen to, this clown, (If you’re reading this and you really are a clown, “I’m sorry, but I hate clowns, and I have a right to hate clowns if I want.”) you have to ask yourself, who elects these people?  I am ashamed to say that she hails from the state that is my home away from home, Florida.  Her district (Florida’s 24th District) covers a large chunk of Miami.  It has been called, “The most heavily Democratic district in both Florida and the entire Southeastern United States.”  Well, that explains a lot.

And, we shouldn’t really be surprised by any of her comments. She has as long a history as you can have bashing President Trump.  I believe she lives by Maxine Water’s book, “An Idiot’s Guide to Being in Congress.”

It is disgraceful, however, to politicize the death of an American soldier and take advantage of a grieving family in an attempt to attack President Trump.  And the biased lamestream media is just playing right along, of course.

Ms. Wilson actually said, “This might wind up to be Mr. Trump’s Benghazi.”

Sooooo, are you inferring that the biased lamestream media is just going to ignore it?”



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