How low can you go!? What is “the deep state?”

Envision a dark and foggy swamp. Now envision a spooky island, located deep in the heart of the swamp.  That is where “the deep state” resides. Like a voodoo witch doctor, affecting outcomes and influencing actions from places unseen, impregnable and unaccountable.

“The deep state” is like a grand consortium of vampires. We can’t really hope to destroy them, but we can drive them further into the shadows by shining some light on them from time to time.

“The deep staters” have varying interests. Some are mainly interested in self-preservation, while others try to use the government to fulfill their private ambitions, to get richer and to obtain more power.  Mostly, it’s about money and power, just like always.

Have no doubt that “the deep state” is the enemy of “We The People.” “Their” interests and “Our” interests are seldom the same.  “The deep state” has advantages over “Us” in that “We” are not organized, and even if “We” were, “We” would have a hard time identifying “Our” exact enemy.

The intelligence community, in general, are denizens of “the swamp” and citizens of “the deep state.”

President Trump has become the point man for “We The People” against “the deep state.” He has taken his fight with the intelligence community public, thus shining some light on “the deep state.”  “They” obviously don’t like this and they now have President Trump in their sights, at least according to former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler, who tweeted that a friend in the “intelligence community” told him that Trump “will die in jail.”  Pretty scary, huh?

“The deep state” is basically a three-headed monster.  We have already discussed one of those three heads, the intelligence community.  A second head would be private corporate power, especially associated with finance, the arms trade, and fossil fuels.  The third head would represent the many embedded bureaucrats of the US government’s many administrative agencies.

“The deep state” also likes to encourage groups of individuals within “We The People” to argue and fight amongst themselves. In this way, “they” keep “Us” focused on each other and not on “them.”

It is also a popular strategy of “the deep state” to use misinformation to “spin” the discussion and form a narrative that is more desirable for them. President Trump, for example, though fighting for “We The People” against “the swamp” on a daily basis, is painted as incompetent or a problem rather than as a defender of “We The People.”

Just remember, “The truth will set you free, but first it will probably make you mad!”

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