What part of “independent,” in independent counsel, don’t they understand?

According to Webster, the legal definition of an “independent counsel” is: an official appointed by the court at the request of the U.S. Attorney General to investigate and prosecute criminal violations by high government officials, members of Congress, or directors of a presidential reelection campaign after a preliminary investigation by the Attorney General finds specific and credible evidence that a crime may have been committed.

Note: The use of an independent counsel was codified in the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 and is designed to ensure an impartial investigation (as when the Attorney General would face a conflict of interest). The independent counsel was formally called a special prosecutor until 1983.

First of all, a truly “independent counsel” just does not exist. It is a unicorn.

How many people in Washington D.C., or the country for that matter, could truly be determined to be an “independent,” politically? Furthermore, what type of person would this person be that has no philosophical leanings one way or the other, politically? Would we want someone that disinterested or ignorant to be leading any kind of investigation?

So why don’t we just stop pretending that the appointing of an “independent” counsel lends any special connotations of fairness or impartiality to anything.

Therefore, we can deduce that any special “investigation” is either a “witch hunt” or a managed stunt used for political damage control, depending on who is being “investigated” and who is doing the “investigation.”

In the case of our current “investigator,” Robert Mueller (aka “swampy” Bob), we have a witch hunt going on, and it has been going on for almost seven months now. By the way, the definition states that a special counsel is established after, “… a preliminary investigation by the Attorney General finds specific and credible evidence that a crime may have been committed.” What “credible evidence” was there again, and for what crime specifically?

The problem Robert “swampy Bob” Mueller has is that he and his “impartial” team of investigators and lawyers are having a hard time maintaining their facade of impartiality and they are having a hard time coming up with any improprieties that are anywhere near their original objective, or any objective for that matter.

Let’s put “swampy Bob” and his “pro-Hillary hit squad” to bed sooner than later, and let President Trump continue his work for “We the People” without this investigative cloud hanging over his head.



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