Hey mainstream media, “Why you gotta be so mean?”

There can be no argument that the mainstream media has a bias against President Trump, but their treatment of the First Lady, Melania Trump, may even be worse.

I don’t believe I’ve even heard one comment that could be considered complimentary, in regards to the mainstream media’s coverage of Melania Trump, and it’s been a year now!

Nothing she does is good enough or done for the right reasons.

When looking back at how Michelle Obama was treated, the treatment of Melania is downright sickening.

While these reporters and entertainment hacks stumbled over themselves praising and fawning over Michelle, they are vindictive and mean towards Melania. She is the only immigrant to America that doesn’t deserve special consideration apparently. Oh wait, she was a legal immigrant. Never mind.

The mainstream media promotes the idea that Michelle Obama is superior intellectually to Melania, even though Melania speaks five languages fluently, while Michelle only speaks English. The biased mainstream media reminds us though that Melania only “claims” to be able to speak five languages, while “Michelle only speaks English, but she speaks it with a flair!”

Having a difference of viewpoints is one thing, but taking that bias to a personal and hurtful level is another.

“We the People” get it. You suck.  The biased mainstream media does not even pretend to be somewhat fair anymore.  And “We the People” are not going to pretend you matter anymore either.

So you can just continue to preach to your own small and clueless audience, and pretend you are relevant, while the rest of us live in the real world.

(picture me dropping the mic)


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