Here’s the biggest news story you haven’t heard about!

According to a recent survey from SurveyMonkey and Ozy Media, it has been determined that 33% of NFL fans made a conscious decision to stop watching NFL games during the 2017 season.

Wait, what!?

Yes, you read that right. A third, one out of every three, NFL fans stopped watching, boycotted, the NFL in 2017 for various reasons!

Most people in America recognize this is mostly because of NFL players protesting (kneeling) during the National Anthem. The only people that seem to want to refuse to recognize this are members of the fake news media, of course, and the NFL itself, led by its clueless commissioner, Roger Goodell, who just received a $10 million per year raise and a five year contract extension while managing to lose a third of the NFL’s fan base.  Shrewd!

The survey allowed its participants to select more than one answer, which is why the total goes over 100%.

The results of the survey, when asked why they quit watching the NFL, are:

32% In support of Donald Trump

22% In solidarity with players kneeling

13% No interest in teams playing

12% In support of Colin Kaepernick

11% As a result about findings regarding traumatic brain injuries among


8% Games are boring

46% Other

If you notice, the survey did not even give “players kneeling during the National Anthem” or “disrespecting the flag” as possible reasons! That is obviously also why “Other” is such a high percentage.  If you’re taking a poll or a survey, the “other” category should really never be your highest response category, unless your initial assumptions are totally off the mark, or you want it to be for some reason. Hmmm, what could that reason be? Just another example of biased interests attempting to “spin” the results of a survey or poll.

I also don’t understand how the results of this survey wash with the claims by the NFL that their TV ratings are only down 10% from their ratings in 2016.

When in doubt, always follow the money.

What we have here are a lot of rich team owners and a lot of advertisers, who spend ungodly amounts of money on the NFL, trying to protect their interests. Money has a way of being able to “adjust” how the “truth” is presented to “We the People” for our consumption.  The problem these people are finding now is that “We the People” are watching our media diet more closely, and we won’t just swallow anything anymore.

nfl Roger-Goodell


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