Social Media in 2018 and the Liberal CENSORSHIP of opinions and information.

The word is out.  Social Media sites across the board are censoring certain user accounts, censoring “offensive” and “unappreciated” message content, and apparently doing so from a liberal-biased point of view.

We are living in America, aren’t we?

Yes, but, “Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.”

Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Reddit, WeChat, Instagram and others are in on the alleged “cleansing” of American thought and speech.

Their methods are referred to as “shadow banning.” This is because the user is usually not aware that they have been banned, and they might never actually realize it. Although everything appears normal to the messenger, their message goes out to a very limited audience, or to no audience at all.

It seems that only “acceptable” language, opinions and thoughts are allowed to propagate the social media super highways, while less desirable opinions are forced onto the backroads. The question is, who determines what’s “acceptable” and what isn’t?

Various social media sites have admitted to this practice, but they quickly fall back on the user’s failure to comply with their “terms of service,” which basically allows the sites to do whatever they want, and for any reason.

Well, these sites are all free, and you usually get what you pay for after all.

You do have to ask yourself, however, “What the hell is this country coming to?



One thought on “Social Media in 2018 and the Liberal CENSORSHIP of opinions and information.

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  1. I hear yes man I think we are losing this Country ! And then where do we go ? Keep speaking and seeking the truth 😜👍


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