Why do Liberals keep portraying President Trump and his supporters as being anti-immigration and anti-immigrant?

It’s purely a disingenuous misinformation campaign.  It’s as simple as that…, and it’s intentional.

The biased mainstream media, democrats, and liberals in general, know they’re pushing a false narrative, but they push it anyway to be divisive. They push it to drive a wedge between President Trump and his supporters and minorities in our country.  Over 90% of immigrants, legal and illegal, are from minority racial populations.

They push the false “immigration” narrative so they can push the false “racist” narrative as well.

It’s “the swamp” painting President Trump and Conservatives as something they’re not, so that all of the people who don’t really pay attention get that general impression.

Liberals always conveniently leave out the ILLEGAL part of “illegal immigration” and the ILLEGAL part of “illegal immigrants” when they spout off and cry about these topics with their fake indignation.

“The swamp rats” represent FAKE news, FAKE policies, FAKE concern, and a FAKE administration and adherence of the laws of our land.



3 thoughts on “Why do Liberals keep portraying President Trump and his supporters as being anti-immigration and anti-immigrant?

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  1. Uh…probably because banning LEGAL immigrant Muslims is racist!? lol

    Thumbs up there on your epic fail… moron! smh

    “But he’s justified cause all Muslims are terrorists” lol Yeah! That’s not racist at all.

    You know who else are terrorists? White people. Yeah… Ask Native Americans. smh


    1. President trump, and conservatives in general, do not have an issue regarding LEGAL immigration. These people just have to understand they do not have a right to come barging into our country whenever they feel like it. No country in the world operates that way.


  2. And you know who else are illegal immigrants? White people!

    “No .. no.. whites aren’t illegal… we stole this land and murdered & raped the owners fair and square”

    But Muslims are terrorists and Mexicans (the former owners of stolen land) are criminals and rapists.. wink wink


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