The state of our union is strong!

Our country is doing great!  Unless you’re more concerned about illegal immigrants than you are with American citizens.

Economically, we’re going gangbusters.  (This is great news too, unless you’re a politician who depends on people being dependent on government.)

Employment is at all-times highs for the general population and especially for minorities. (See above for why this isn’t good news for some.)

We’re gaining respect again around the world, militarily, diplomatically, and trade-wise. (Can you even believe that President Obama went on that “apology tour” of his when he was President?  How embarrassing.)

ISIS has been basically wiped out, and terrorists in general are on the run.  (Tell me again why we had to put up with ISIS’s beheadings, torturing, and general evil behavior under President Obama?)

We are back to respecting and following the laws of the land.  (Didn’t Obama and the democrats swear to defend the Constitution and the laws of our land when they took office?  I thought so.  So what happened?)

All I know is, it was nice to watch a state of the union address and not be lectured to or “talked down” to.

Yes, the state of our union is strong, unless you’re more interested in pushing the “the swamp’s” liberal, socialist and fascist agenda.


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