What can we REALLY do about these school shootings?

First of all, let’s acknowledge that there is no easy answer.

Next, let’s understand that there really is nothing we can do to guarantee there won’t be another school shooting.

It’s hard for us to accept that we are kind of helpless here, but to a certain extent we are. That is just reality.

Passing another law will not solve this problem. Unless I’m mistaken, murder is already against the law.  So now what?

All we can do is take positive steps in many areas, that when combined, may swing the odds of more shootings in our favor.

One – We have to get serious about school campus security. ALL SCHOOLS need an outside perimeter fence before you even get near the school that has one main gate or entrance. This gate should have armed security personnel that only admit individuals that should be there.  Metal detectors would also need to be installed.  Money for these improvements could be incorporated into the new infrastructure spending bill.

Two – Background checks when purchasing a weapon or ammunition need to be more extensive and more comprehensive. Social media should be checked and the community where the purchaser lives should be canvassed for input as to whether anyone has objections to this individual owning a weapon.  The Second Amendment gives the people “the right to keep and bear arms.”  It doesn’t say we have to be stupid about it or make it too easy.

Three – Access to mental health resources has to be greatly enhanced. When people are experiencing issues or are aware of others with issues, assistance needs to be available right then, not a month or two, or three, down the road when a psychiatrist’s or a psychologist’s schedule has an opening.  Mental health, in general, has to be just as much of a consideration as physical health.

Four – The President should establish a component agency that would fall under The Department of Homeland Security and deal solely with the issues that affect school security.

If we can do these four things, for starters, we will be on the way to making some real positive changes that could make a difference. Will these things be cheap?  No.  Will they be worth it?  Yes.  Ask the families of the latest shooting victims.

If we don’t begin to take real, effective, steps towards dealing with this problem we will be doomed to watching and experiencing the reoccurrence of these horrible shootings again and again. It may be your family that is directly affected next time.  I pray that isn’t the case.

Praying for God’s help and God’s comfort for the victims, their families, and all of those involved is good, but they say that, “God helps those who help themselves.”

Let’s help ourselves and praise God for giving us the wisdom to do so.


One thought on “What can we REALLY do about these school shootings?

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  1. Spot on starting with Law enforcement and $$ to support them . Bring back the family unit , put the punish back in punishment , real sentence for real crime . Stop all the news coverage of the perp , don’t even mention their name !
    A lot can be done if the people have the Will to do it ! Secure our Country , State , County and Cities . Put the Bite back in justice , the deterrent goes along way and of course swift justice/sentencing . My thoughts .


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