Build the Wall! Build the wall! Build the wall!

Hey Fake News, hey liberals, hey Congress, we don’t need to take any polls about building a wall on the border with Mexico.

We already took one.

It was called the 2016 Presidential election.

President Trump campaigned all around the country, and everywhere he went we heard him talk about building a wall, and everywhere he went we heard the calls to “build the wall, build the wall!”

Well, Donald Trump won that election. In fact he did more than just win.  He won it convincingly, and by a large margin.

There’s your poll.

Now where’s our wall?!

And if we can’t build a physical wall, then build a human “wall!”

The border with Mexico is approximately 1,200 miles long.

If we put one border patrol agent every 1/8 of a mile, that means that agent would have to cover basically one football field to their left and one football field to their right. This would allow them to react and deter anyone attempting to cross the border illegally. They would also have “back-up” agents relatively nearby.

To do this we would need about 10,000 agents.

To cover the border around the clock, that would equate to 30,000 agents.

The Border Patrol already has 20,000 agents. (This number surprised me.  I didn’t think we had anywhere near that many agents.)

So that means we’re back to needing 10,000 additional agents.

10,000 agents X $70,000 (salary + benefits) = $700 million a year.

This would actually be much less than the cost of the wall, which has been estimated anywhere between $28 billion and $128 billion, and probably more effective, while providing all of those jobs.

Build the Wall! Build the wall!  Build the wall!

One way or the other!

build the wall

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