“Free Trade” is not necessarily “Fair Trade.”

Ever since the years following World War II, our government (being the good hearted people we are), has tended to tilt the playing field, or looked the other way when our “friends” did the tilting, in regards to trade, to the advantage of our global neighbors.

In the last 30 years, I would argue that out trade policies have shifted from being nice, to being stupid, to being politically self-serving and anti-American.

Well, the last 70 years has taken its toll on our economy.

It is way past the time when we should expect our global neighbors to stand on their own two feet and operate fairly. We really can’t afford to keep giving everyone an advantageous position and expect to be able to compete.

“Fair” and “free” trade cannot be measured by tariffs and taxes alone either. In many cases we see “free” trade monetarily, but anything but “fair” trade when it comes to prohibitive regulations and policies imposed by many countries.

A good example of this is Japan and its car market. General Motors sold only 1,000 cars in Japan last year, while Toyota sold 457 cars a day here in the U.S. (that’s 167,000 for the year), even though Japan does not impose any import tax on U.S. cars coming into Japan. Hmmm?

There are many, many, many other examples of countries that employ unfair, and in some cases even illegal (China), trade and economic practices.

Don’t let the so called “experts” fool you when they yell at President Trump about “killing free trade.” It just depends on what your definition of “free” trade and “fair” trade are.

In my world, “free” and “fair” are two-way streets. If I decide to treat you the way you’re treating me, and you don’t like it…, well there you go.

free trade

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