Maybe it’s time to start fighting fire with fire regarding Mexico.

Mexico does not seem to want to cooperate with, or help, The United States, regarding drugs, illegal immigrants, gang members, and criminals, finding their way across the border and into our country.

How about we impose a tariff on Mexico for every illegal immigrant we are forced to deal with that comes through Mexico, just like imported goods?

How about we impose additional tariffs on Mexico for any court costs and costs to incarcerate those convicted of crimes?

How about we impose additional tariffs on Mexico, annually, for any costs that we incur for health care, education, and other support services?

It’s only fair, isn’t it?

Why should the hard working, tax paying citizens of The United States be forced to pay for these people that are pouring into our country illegally?

What if Mexico refuses to pay these tariffs?

Then we need to treat this situation as a threat to our nation’s security, similar to another country invading our borders.

We freeze the importing of any products or goods from Mexico, and we ban Americans travelling to Mexico, which supports their tourism economy.

We have to make Mexico see that they need us WAY more than we need them.

We have to make them see that it is in their overall best interests to be a good neighbor and cooperate with us.

Hey…, drastic times require drastic measures.

They may even reconsider and help us build the wall after all!

immigrant road trip resized



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