Let’s take a look at the “unbiased,” “fair and balanced,” presidential coverage of the mainstream media.

There is a distinct difference in the tone of White House and Presidential press conferences since Donald Trump was elected President.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and listen in on some of the hard hitting questions that were posed to President Obama:

“Golf, what does it do for you?” – Harry Smith from CBS

“I’m wondering if you think that [Republican presidential candidates are] uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible?” – Dan Lothian of CNN

“Do you have a vindictive streak?” – Lester Holt, NBC

“What has enchanted you the most in your first 100 days in office?” – Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times (I love this one! President Obama even had a hard time answering this one with a straight face!)

“In this fatherless world, where did you learn to love?” – Harry Smith, CBS 


“What hard things do you want to tackle at this point?” – Jim Acosta of CNN

“Are you ready to call yourself the ‘comeback kid’?” – Caren Bohan, Reuters

“You definitely have some impressive accomplishments….And more than a lot of presidents who manage to get reelected. My question is, is it enough?” – Steve Kroft from CBS (I’m sure we’ll hear questions like this when Donald Trump is looking at getting re-elected!)

“Have you given up on the Republicans?” – Steve Kroft of CBS (again)

“Tell me again, what you consider your major accomplishments?” – Steve Kroft of CBS (and again)

“How do you avoid the dangers of being too cocky?” – John Harwood of CNBC

This is just a small sampling of a long list of “softballs.”

At Barack Obama’s final White House press conference (notice he waited until his last press conference) he was actually embarrassed enough by the questioning to “scold” the reporters there: “You’re not supposed to be sycophants (a$$ kissers), you’re supposed to be skeptics, you’re supposed to ask tough questions,” Obama said. (in other words, “I’m gone now, so do it to the next person!)

During the Obama era, the only reporter that seemed to dare and ask a substantive or critical question was Ed Henry, who had been a White House correspondent for CNN and later for FOX News.

It was almost comical how all of Ed’s liberal colleagues would gasp at his boldness of asking a question that may make President Obama or his press secretary the least bit uncomfortable.

How dare he!

Compare that to today’s press conferences, where the mainstream liberal media are all on crack, and out for blood with every question. They brutalize and insult The President on a daily basis, along with his press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. (God bless her soul!)

No, they’re not biased. They’re not biased at all.

trump is bad democrats are good

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