Robert Mueller is Reportedly Investigating a $150K Ukraine Payment to the Trump Foundation. Really!?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating a $150,000 donation/payment made to President Donald Trump’s foundation by a Ukrainian steel magnate in September of 2015.

The New York Times, citing three unnamed people (there go those “unnamed People” again!) with knowledge of the matter (they should have knowledge of the matter because they are probably members of Mueller’s team), reported on Monday that the inquiry pertained to a payment Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk made to the Donald J. Trump Foundation for a 20-minute video appearance by Trump to a conference in Kiev.

(Please note that technically, The Ukraine is not even a part of Russia anymore. In fact, Ukraine is currently at odds with Russia.)

Now let’s take a look at the shameless bias displayed here, as well as the legal double standard.

They are looking into a payment of $150 thousand to Trump’s foundation for a video appearance…while during the same timeframe, Hillary Clinton received donations from numerous foreign entities, including those with middle eastern ties and real RUSSIAN ties, IN EXCESS OF 200 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! That’s right, IN EXCESS OF 200 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! Did I mention the donations were IN EXCESS OF 200 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!


And nobody in “the swamp” or the biased mainstream media bats an eye or says one word about it. Does their hypocrisy know no bounds!? Apparently not.

I’m sure Hillary’s lawyer’s offices and home will be raided any day now. Don’t hold your breath.

Like President Trump stated, this whole process is an absolute disgrace and reaching new levels of unfairness every day.



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