It’s time for our schools to go “new school!” And it’s time for our schools to go “old school!”

So which is it? Well, let me explain.

First of all, if we look at a typical classroom from 200 years ago, or more, and compare it to a typical classroom today, they would look pretty similar.

Think about it.

Are our schools that good that they have not merited any form of basic change in over 200 years?

Not many other things, if any in or society, have survived without changing with the times. Certainly not in the course of 200 years.

How is it that the Education system has managed to pull this off?

How is it that we have allowed this “treading of water,” educationally, to go on, and on, and on?

Well, in most cases, especially those involving our children, we tend to defer to “the experts.”   We also tend to defer to options that don’t squeeze our wallets either.  At least any more than they’re already being squeezed!

Secondly, I feel we should go “old school” and separate girls and boys from fourth grade through High School in the education process.

This would allow them both to concentrate on school without being distracted by the opposite sex. Striving to impress members of the opposite sex is the crux of a lot of stupid behavior at school as well.

Doing this one simple thing, that really wouldn’t add any significant cost to education, would address quite a bit of behavior issues at school, as well as improve overall learning.

For those concerned about impeding social development somehow, special co-ed events can be set-up occasionally for during school and after school to address this issue.

These are just two of my observations/ideas. Who am I to question our educations system you might ask?

Well, I must admit I am no “expert,” I’m just a teacher.

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