Thinking outside of the box regarding Congressional term limits.

“Term limits” for members of Congress is a popular idea, and for good reason. It’s funny how we don’t see much about this in the “swampy” mainstream media.  Hmmm.  I wonder why that is?

It becomes very obvious that, based on the supportive constitutional related writings of our founding fathers, serving our government, at any level, was meant to be basically a volunteering of a private citizen’s time on a temporary type basis. These positions were not meant to be life-long careers that magically turn these people into millionaires somehow. (Not to mention their life long pension and life long health care, which isn’t Obamacare or VA care by the way. Well aren’t they special?!)

It seems the longer these Congress people are in office, the more they forget they are there to represent the people in their district or state, not their party, not their contributors, and not themselves.

(And certainly not ILLEGAL immigrants who aren’t supposed to be here in the first place!)

To illustrate my point:

50 members of Congress have been in office for over 50 years!

45 members of Congress have been in office for over 40 years!

Over 100 members of Congress have been in office for over 30 years!

The real problem is that putting term limits on members of Congress would require a Constitutional Amendment, which is a very difficult thing to do, and in all reality will not happen. So what can we really do?

Well, Congressman Francis Rooney, a Republican from the great state of Florida, has an idea. He has introduced a bill (H.R. 5539) that would implement a form of term limits without a Constitutional amendment!

In a press release, Congressman Rooney said:

“When my home state of Florida passed term limits, 76% of Sunshine State voters voted in favor.  In fact, Florida is one of 15 states to currently have legislative term limits.  This year, a nationwide poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates found that 82% of voters support Congressional term limits, including 89% of Republicans, 83% of independents, and 76% of Democrats.”

(With those types of numbers, it is obvious that “our representatives” are not listening to us. Perhaps this easier method of implementing term limits will motivate them to do what WE want, not what THEY want, in most cases.

Congressman Rooney’s proposal offers a means of effectively putting “term limits,” in place without amending the Constitution.  The Act will reduce the salary of an elected Member of Congress to $1 a year after they serve six (6) consecutive terms in the House or two (2) consecutive terms in the Senate (12 years in each case), and does not require a Constitutional amendment.

If you like Congressman Rooney’s idea, contact your representative in Congress and your senators and let them know.

Way to go Congressman Rooney!


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