Now why would a key Obama adviser dismiss Trump’s ‘Spygate’ claim as ‘ridiculous?’

Gee, I don’t know. Maybe because since Bill Clinton was President, the Democrats have learned not to admit to anything, and to let the biased mainstream media have their backs and cover their tracks.

Could that possibly be why?

Could it be that she is trying to cover her boss’ rear as well as her own?

Could that possibly be why?

Avril Haines, who served as deputy national security adviser in the Obama administration, made her dismissive comments during an exclusive interview with the Yahoo News podcast “Skullduggery.”

In her first interview since leaving government, Haines also said she had been “very concerned” in 2016 about the degree to which Russians might have gained “influence” within the Trump campaign.

And why would that be? Is that what your “spy” told you, or was that the narrative the Obama administration intended their “mole” to advance?

The woman who oversaw the Obama White House’s response to the Russian election attack (Did they have a response to the “election attack?) said she was never briefed on the FBI’s use of an informant to investigate the Trump campaign and that it was “ridiculous” for President Trump to claim that the matter amounted to “one of the biggest political scandals in U.S. history.”

Well Ms. Haines, it has been pretty widely admitted now that an “informant/spy/mole” was used in the Trump campaign, so I guess “the woman who oversaw the Obama White House’s response to the Russian election attack” was little out of the loop, huh?

“No, absolutely not,” Haines said when asked if she was ever told about the confidential FBI informant who made contact with three members of the Trump campaign. “We didn’t even know at the time there was an [FBI] investigation as such,” she said. Haines said the FBI briefed the National Security Council “on a regular basis” about what she termed “counterintelligence issues” but that it had not told the council that any formal probe of the Trump campaign had been initiated.

So the FBI was just going rogue on this one?

These people are throwing each other under the bus so fast (mostly unintentionally because they’re not as good at keeping their lies straight as the Clintons are) that it is hard to keep any of this straight.

Maybe that’s their plan.

Haines has also previously served as deputy CIA director under John Brennan.

We continue to see that “the swamp” is a swirling, incestuous, murky and mucky, cesspool of liberal bureaucrats.

“Honestly, we could have done better from the policy perspective,” Haines said. “In thinking that through, I think we all have a piece of that to live with. I do think, though, even knowing that, I’m not sure our reactions would have been any different.”

Those words may actually be true.


Thanks for some input to this article from Michael Isikoff of Yhaoo News.

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