Can I suggest that someone establish a national sports fans’ union?

If there is one out there, I apologize, but it needs to be promoted better, because I’ve never heard of it.

The team owners for professional sports franchises have their leagues with representation.

The professional players have their union representation.

Even the refereeing officials have their unions.

Why shouldn’t the people who pay all of the bills have some representation in this money orgy?

We could call it the NPSFU (the National Professional Sports Fans’ Union).

Before professional sports gets too crazy about their good fortunes regarding the new gambling possibilities, and the players renegotiate their collective bargaining agreements with their respective leagues, we the fans need to be represented and considered for a change.

The fans need and deserve a voice at the negotiating table.

Player salaries continue to spiral upward at a percentage rate that far exceeds the rate an average working person has experienced, and that is the biggest understatement of the decade!

We are already at the “ridiculous stage” for player salaries. If they want to continue to perform for us and have us support their current level of good fortune, we need to negotiate a salary cap freeze for a while, giving the fans a chance to catch up a little bit in the monetary income area. I mean fans get squeezed from all sides when it comes to their money.

While we’re at it, maybe we could negotiate down the price of a ticket, a hot dog or a beer while we’re at a game as well?

I mean, you can only squeeze so much water out of a rock. There will come a time when a majority of the fans will have had enough, and the golden goose will be cooked.

This is definitely an idea whose time has come.

As fans, we love our sports and we love our teams, but we’re not idiots and we’re not fools to be taken advantage of.

Please let me know what you think about this.

fans eating hot dogs resized

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