The NAACP continues to reveal itself as disingenuous and political.

This is my commentary on a recent article by Victor Manuel Ramos for Newsday, titled: NAACP urges renewed commitment to diversity, equal rights.

“Civil rights advocates from Long Island branches of the NAACP on Monday called for a renewed commitment to diversity, and criticized a divisive national political climate they said affects efforts toward inclusion and equal rights in the region,” reported Mr. Ramos.

(Translation: The NAACP is urging a renewed commitment to reverse racism and promoting the interests of Black people at the expense of any other racial group. Their real goals are not diversity and equal rights. Their real goals more than equal, and more than diverse. The NAACP has to make sure there are perceived issues here, regarding race, or there is no need for the NAACP, which means their organization loses power and money to sustain its members that live off of “racial injustice.” They also refer to a “divisive national political climate.” I can’t recall a more divisive climate than the divisive climate that reared its ugly head under former President Barack Obama. I don’t recall any complaints by the NAACP about President Obama at that time though. Hmmm. I wonder why?)

Mr. Ramos continued, stating, “Some advocates were critical of President Donald Trump’s leadership, his statements on issues affecting minority communities and his restrictive immigration policies.”

(What leadership would that be? The leadership of President Trump that has quickly led to Black and Hispanic unemployment rates reaching record lows? That leadership? Black unemployment fell to 6.6 percent in April of 2018, the lowest dating back 46 years, to 1972, while the jobless rate among Hispanics dipped to 4.8 percent, matching the lowest rate ever! Is that the leadership the NAACP is complaining about? And what exactly are these “statements on issues affecting minority communities” that they are referring to? I don’t recall any negative statements that would affect minority communities. If anyone out there can provide me some examples, I’d be more than happy to give them equal time. As far as “restrictive immigration policies” go, I guess that is a matter of semantics. Yes, President Trump does tend to want to follow the laws regarding immigration. So if you want to define the law restrictive, then I guess his policies could be considered restrictive as well.)

“Not only should Congress denounce the president’s statements, they should continue to support our history of inclusion and pass the ‘Dream Act’ that would grant legal status to young immigrants brought here as children,” said William King Moss III, president of the Islip Town Branch of the NAACP, who contributed to Mr. Ramos’ report.

(Again, what exact statements should the Congress denounce? Like I said before, if anyone out there can provide me some examples of these horrific statements, I’d be more than happy to give them equal time. Regarding passing the ‘Dream Act,” I believe it was the Democrats in Congress and the Senate who were not willing to accept a very gracious offer from President Trump regarding “the dreamers.” Instead, they preferred to continue playing “political volleyball” at their expense.)

“This political environment has only increased our fight against injustices,” said the Rev. Larry Jennings, president of the NAACP’s Huntington Branch, and another contributor to Mr. Ramos’ article, “particularly to counter those who feel that they now have a free pass to be openly oppressive against people of color.”

(Translation: This positive economic environment, created by President Trump, has made it much harder for us to make it seem like everything is so bad.)

(Then we have the part where he says, “…those who feel that they now have a free pass to be openly oppressive against people of color.” Ah, excuse me, but if anything, the left, and the biased mainstream media feel they have a “free pass” to be openly aggressive against conservatives, and independent thinkers, of any color.)

I would love to hear from Mr. Ramos, the NAACP, or anyone else who would care to respond to my commentary here. I always welcome my readers’ feedback.

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