So, who is “fake news?”

Let’s not get confused. CNN and MSNBC are the main perpetrators of “fake news.” Just take a look at the picture above for ONE example.

I’ve seen and heard many of our “swampy” friends trying to put this label on Fox News as well. But as usual, they are either confused or misleading. They scour Fox News, looking for an error somewhere, and when they find one they cry “fake news.”

Making an error is considerably different, however, compared to shaping a desired narrative, “fabricating” news, or “fabricating” a version of the news.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, even MrEricksonRules! Yes, it’s true my friends, but that is very different versus intentionally attempting to mislead, misdirect and misinform people.

The biased mainstream media really should be ashamed of themselves…, if they had any shame.

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