Crying immigrant children at our southern border! How the biased mainstream media is doing their part to take America’s eyes off of the IG (Inspector General’s) report.

So, now we have “news” story after “news” story being produced by the biased mainstream media, complaining about the treatment of children and families at our southern border, who have illegally crossed the border, and were apprehended.

It’s funny how this was not an issue last year, or during any of the years during the Obama administration.

This story has now suddenly become “an issue” when it is politically advantageous for the democrats to use it as such.

It is also funny how the democrats can create a situation and then get away with complaining about that situation, while shifting blame to others. That’s the advantage of having a complicit media who are willing to play along with your game plan.

We see people comparing President Trump to Hitler, and our Border Agents to Nazis. We see people with signs characterizing President Trump and his followers as heartless, when in actuality these laws were signed by President Clinton and have been in effect ever since. Where was the protests of President Obama and his administration?

How sad it is that these “children,” many of whom are teenagers closer to being adults than not, are separated from their families. Of course, we are provided with pictures of cute little girls and boys desperately clinging-on to someone for help.

The biased liberal media will not tell you, however, that, in truth, the majority of these children did not even cross our southern border with their real families, but with people using them in an effort to gain some level of sympathy to their situation or as a “get out of jail free” card. Or even worse, they’re bringing these kids with them to sell them as slave labor doing only God knows what.

In many cases, the only families that are being broken-up are their crime “families.”

In all cases, they are receiving better treatment than they have seen in a while, or probably ever, and no one should be feeling too sorry for them.

In any case, the one thing they all have in common is that they chose to disrespect the people of our country, ignore and break our laws, and enter our country illegally. They made that choice.

There are four things that are very sad here:

The first one is the choice these individuals made to break our laws and, in some cases, put their children at risk, or other people’s children at risk in doing so.

The second one is the democrats’ willingness to use the lives of these illegal immigrants as pawns in their sick and twisted political game.

The third one is the disingenuous, hypocritical and selective outrage the liberals are choosing to employ here.

And, the fourth one is the attempted cover-up of the IG and, most probably, only one part of the biggest scandal in American political history by the democrats, the deep state, and the biased mainstream media.

The whole thing is just shameful. But “the swamp” has no shame.

President Trump has addressed this issue now, however, so “the swamp” will just continue to beat this dead horse until they can come up with the next distracting issue. Stay tuned.

Build that wall and drain the swamp!

Build that wall and drain the swamp!

Build that wall and drain the swamp!

children at the border border problems resized



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