People are becoming sick and tired of the Mueller witch hunt!

According to Greg Price of “Weaknews” (Ooops, I mean Newsweek), a new poll suggests that Democrats and Independents are turning against the Mueller Investigation.

“President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on the special counsel investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election may be taking hold not only among Republicans but Democrats and independents as well, according to a poll released last Wednesday.”

(The real problem for Mueller is he’s NOT investigating “Russia’s interference in the 2016 election,” at least not where there was any (Hint, hint…, Hillary and the Democrats). It HAS turned into a Trump related witch hunt of anything they can turn up to harm The President (nothing so far) and anyone that can even remotely be associated with him.)

“Overall, a record 53 percent of the poll’s respondents shared an unfavorable reaction to Mueller, a 26-point jump since Politico/Morning Consult first started polling the special counsel’s favorable and unfavorable rating among registered voters.”

(Hmmm. As this number climbs higher, the anticipated height of the mythical “blue wave” in November grows smaller.)

“Still, 50 percent of Democrats view Muller favorably and approve of his work.”

(Ha! Ya…, 50 percent of Democrats say Mueller is great 100% of the time!)

“But, as President Trump continues to label Mueller’s investigation as a ‘witch hunt’ led by ‘13 angry Democrats,’ more voters now believe the probe is being ‘handled unfairly.’”

“In the latest poll, 40 percent of voters, compared to 34 percent in February, question the probe’s ‘integrity and fairness.’”

(A majority of the American people do tend to come around eventually.)

Drain “the swamp!”

Drain “the swamp!”

Drain “the swamp!”

Mueller not happy with election results resized


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