President Trump is doing something very strange. He’s doing what he said he’d do!

The politicians whom we have become accustomed to are more worried about SAYING the right thing as opposed to DOING the right thing.

But President Trump isn’t a politician.  That is precisely why many of us voted for him.

We recognized that our country needed action and not more words.

We recognized that our country and its people needed to be treated fairly again by our own government.

We recognized that something needed to be done before it was too late for our country to get back on track for our children and our grandchildren.

We recognized that EVERYONE who caused these problems was against Donald Trump, thus he must be the one with the best chance of fixing the problems.

Then Donald Trump beat all of the odds and won the presidential election.

President Trump is also the first president that is fighting back against the media as opposed to bowing down and giving in to them.

As a result, we have “the swamp,” the biased mainstream media, the Democrats, and liberals in general, attacking our President, his administration, his family, his followers, and his policies at every turn.

Even with all of that negativity being directed his way and our way, President Trump manages to stay positive while promoting and checking things off of his agenda.

Note to all of his detractors: President Trump is not your normal president, and that’s ok, there’s no law that says how a president should act.  Deal with it.  There’s a new sheriff in town!

“President Trump was just what our country needed, just when our country needed him. – MrsEricksonRules

Monica Crowley seems to agree with me, based on her recent editorial, which was contributed to “The Hill,” she says, “Trump just keeps on confounding his hapless detractors.”

(Ha!  Yes, they are “hapless,” and their “shtick” is getting quite boring.)

She continues by saying, “The left, much of the media and countless other opponents of President Trump have led a relentless, vicious, multi-pronged and often dishonest assault on him and his agenda since he first emerged as a presidential candidate in 2015. This assault, ramped up significantly during his presidency, has taken many forms: an apparently endless special counsel investigation, constant protests, bureaucratic stonewalling, ‘Deep State’ leaking, continuous lawsuits, manufactured crises and outrage, daily media pounding and often false reporting, smears, personal attacks and abusive, even violent acts targeting his staff and supporters, all designed to cripple his ability to govern effectively.”

“The proof is in a stunning new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll just released and conducted after the family-separation issue exploded along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump now enjoys 47 percent job approval, up 2 points from May. This is remarkable given the constant drumbeat of negative coverage, and it demonstrates yet again his uncanny ability to defy the laws of political gravity. When President Reagan and his policies remained popular in the face of never-ending criticism, he became known as the “Teflon president.” Trump is Teflon on steroids.”

“Much of his strength is tied to the public’s views on the economy. According to the poll, 69 percent say the economy is “strong,” 58 percent approve of his efforts on job creation, and 57 percent approve of his overall handling of the economy. Perhaps most significantly heading into the 2018 midterm elections, a whopping 68 percent say that their personal economic situation is improving or holding steady.”

“Even more striking numbers are evident on immigration. Despite the sound and fury stemming from the recent border controversy, fully 61 percent think current border security is “inadequate,” and when asked if the U.S. should have “open borders” or “secure borders,” 76 percent want the secure kind.”

“As for Trump’s cardinal promise to ‘build the wall,’ 60 percent support ‘a combination of physical and electronic barriers’ on the southern border and 69 percent want Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to continue its work and not be abolished, despite the left vilifying it as the Gestapo. In fact, 70 percent want even stricter enforcement of immigration law. That includes deportations: 64 percent say those who come into the country illegally should be “sent home” rather than ‘allowed to stay.’ That also applies to parents who cross the border illegally with children in tow: 61 percent say they should be sent home.”

“Perhaps even more alarming for progressives deeply invested in trying to delegitimize Trump via the Russia investigations: 59 percent of those polled say the investigations are ‘hurting’ as opposed to ‘helping’ the country, 59 percent believe ‘bias’ against Trump ‘played a role in launching investigations against him,’ and 64 percent favor the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate the investigators.”

“It’s evident that despite the nonstop anti-Trump war waged by countless forces, the president and his policies remain considerably popular. The public is largely aligned with his agenda, has become accustomed to his unconventional style and appreciates that he’s smashing the corrupt status quo, improving their lives and doing what it takes to enhance the nation’s security.”

“Meanwhile, the great silent majority is pretty well satisfied with the direction of the country, and with the singularly unique president leading it.”






Being a “deplorable” is a beautiful thing. If you are one, you know what I mean.  If not, GET ON THE TRUMP TRAIN!  You’ll be glad you did!

P.S. I love Monica Crowley! I encourage you to watch her, listen to her or read her whenever you can.

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