Located between Dumassistan and Usukistan, we have Iran.

Now that President Trump has pulled the plug on Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more out of Iran.

After President Trump gets North Korea back on track, Iran will be the next problem in his cross hairs.

So what’s the deal with Iran? Well, let’s take a look.

Iran is currently lead by who it calls its “supreme leader,’ Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. “Ayatollah” is a title which means, among Shiʿites, a level in the religious hierarchy achieved by scholars who have demonstrated highly advanced knowledge of Islamic law and religion.

Is that on the same level as Darth Vader?

Area-wise, Iran is a little smaller than Alaska, and it has 81 million people, which is about the same size as Germany.

Iran has the 18th largest economy in the world, sandwiched in-between Canada and Australia.

“Women’s and children’s rights are horrendous there, in fact Iran’s overall human rights record is exceptionally poor,” according to the United Nations.

One of the benefits Iran received from Obama’s failed deal was the release of over $150 billion of frozen assets, along with getting $1.7 billion in cash (sent over in the middle of the night in an unmarked aircraft). Yes, apparently this was legal in someone’s world.

Just recently, The Obama Administration has also been accused of trying to give Iran secret access to the financial system of the United States.

This IS totally illegal, if true.

“Perhaps we could get the 13 Angry Democrats (in the Mueller Probe) to divert some of their energy to this ‘matter’ (as Comey would call it). Investigate!” President Trump said Thursday.

Well, regardless of how they got our money, Iran used the money to increase its spending on exporting terror through the Middle East, as opposed to using the money to help its own people.

Since the U.S.’s economic sanctions are beginning to take hold against Iran again, Iran is threatening the European countries with pursuing nuclear weapons again if they don’t ignore our re-imposed sanctions. Like they ever really stopped developing their nuclear weapons in the first place.

According to an article by Struan Stevenson at UPI, “Massive uprisings across Iran, which began in late December, have continued sporadically to this day. Recent widespread strikes and protests by truck drivers and civil servants have almost brought the country to a standstill. The theocratic regime’s response has been a ferocious crackdown. Hundreds of protesters have been killed and wounded on the streets. 8,000 have been arrested, 14 of whom have been tortured to death in custody. The pervasive use of the death penalty to eliminate political prisoners has catapulted Iran to the number one spot as state executioner per capita in the world. Over half of the recorded executions in the world now take place in Iran, with mass hangings often taking place in public.”

Sounds like a great place, hey?

I’m sorry, but President Obama was played for a fool in Iran, to say the least, along with his Secretary of State, Ben Dover (say that name fast three time). Actually Obama’s Secretary of State was John Kerry.

Hopefully President Trump is able to clean up this mess as well, or at least make some progress with Iran.

If you’re real quiet you can hear Iran’s representative’s message to us all.

“Death to all Americans!”

“Death to The United States!”

Ain’t they sweet?



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