According to MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough: “Only Uneducated White People Support Trump.”

Don’t these people ever learn?   First they call all of Trump’s supporters “deplorables,” and now we’re all “uneducated,” or stupid, in other words.

I know most Trump supporters don’t waste their time watching MSNBC, nor do most other people for that matter, so I thought I would take this opportunity to share some typical commentary from what The President would call “the fake news,” just to get some perspective on what we’re dealing with here.

You should probably sit down, if you’re not already.

“And so it was that MSNBC’s sneering ‘Morning Joe’ led yesterday morning’s newscast with new weekly tracking numbers from Gallup that show President Trump with an overall 52 percent disapproval rating versus 41 percent approval,” according to Susan Jones for CNSNews.

The following back and forth, between the participants of MSNBC’s morning show, then ensued:

“CNBC’s John Harwood analyzed the source of Trump’s support and found in the data that whites with no college degree approved of the president’s job 58 percent to 39 percent,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said. She added that the approval/disapproval among “all other Americans” was 29 percent to 66 percent.

(Yes Mika, all of us “uneducated white people” realize the value of your polls.  We all remember that the odds for a Hillary victory were at 98%, and that Trump “had no path to victory.”  Proceed.)

“This is about as narrow casting as it gets,” Scarborough said. “And Willie (Geist), they better hope that their small slice of the electorate comes out, because, I mean, Donald Trump is sacrificing just about every other group in America for this one group of white, non-college educated voters that, again, there just aren’t enough to get him over the top or to get his candidates over the top in a lot of elections.”

(Ha!  Ya!  Please tell us again Joe about our “small slice of the electorate” that “just aren’t enough to get him (Trump) over the top or to get his candidates over the top in a lot of elections.”

“Yeah,” Geist said, “and that Gallup number of 41 percent approval is about where he’s been over the course of his presidency but that cross-tab that you’re looking at, that is so interesting.  Remember he won white non-college voters by almost 40 percent, so that certainly makes up the core of his base, Gene Robinson, and those are the people we see out at the rallies of last week, those three big rallies. That is his hard-core support.

Gene Robinson then picked up the baton: “Yeah, I mean what we’ve learned so far I think in the special elections and the primaries is that he’s very powerful inside the Republican Party.  He is, you know, got 89 percent support among Republicans.  So it’s very difficult if you’re going to run as a Republican in a primary to buck Trump.

“On the other hand, he is very unpopular among your general, among Americans in general, and Democrats have been doing a whole lot better than one would expect…,” Robinson said.

(Oh, ya, President Trump is so unpopular among “Americans in general.”  You know, all of those Americans who are coming back to old jobs or finding new ones.  All of those Americans who are taking home and additional $40-$100 a paycheck thanks to the tax cuts.  All of those Americans who are going to get an additional $1,800-$2,400 back on their tax returns next year.  All of those Americans who aren’t forced to pay for the Pathetic ObamaCare insurance that had deductibles so high, it was like paying for insurance but then having to pay like you didn’t have any insurance.  All of those Americans whose 401Ks are getting serious boosts.  All of those Americans whose businesses were drowning in oceans of unnecessary regulations.  All of those Americans who don’t have to wait in line at the VA for a week, two weeks, or even more than three weeks before being seen.  Are these all of the “Americans in general” you’re referring to?)

Scarborough pointed to an article quoting a “rock-ribbed” Republican who voted for Trump and now says, “’I hate him.’ Something along those lines, ‘I can’t stand him.  He’s a jerk.’  We’re hearing that more and more…”

(I’m sure you are hearing that all of the time Joe.  Just like the rest of us are hearing people say they are getting tired of the Democrats being more concerned about illegal immigrants and criminals than they are about Americans and law abiding citizens.)

Scarborough added, “… that at some point, just hating Nancy Pelosi is not going to be enough to help Republican candidates because Nancy Pelosi is not running the country.”

(OH MY GOD!  NO.  YOU DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT JOE!  TELL ME YOU DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT.  Democrats are the ones who are building their whole election philosophy around hating President Trump.  Republicans could care less about Nancy Pelosi, as long as we get the votes in The House and The Senate to get President Trump’s agenda through.)

And then it was contributor Mike Barnicle’s turn.

(This guy’s level of confusion is very impressive!)

“You know, Joe, there’s a real tragic aspect to these numbers that we just indicated in the poll.  The fact that he has overwhelming among largely whites with a high school degree, these are people who need a president standing up for them more than most people in America.”

(Oh really?  Please tell us more!)

“And he goes to these rallies, and if you listen to the rallies…he doesn’t propose anything to help them.  Instead he relies on grievance.  He relies on trying to cement the divisions that already exist in America.  He relies on strengthening those divisions.  He relies on talking about race; he relies on talking about, really, hate.  And these people who show up are victims of a con,” Barnicle said.

(You really crack me up, sir.  Either you have never watched/listened to one of The President’s rallies, or you are intentionally trying to deceive your viewers as to what our president and his rallies are all about.)

“Not all of them are racist, now some perhaps are, there’s no doubt about that.  But they’re victims of a con.  They need a leader, a president who will do something about their lives to improve their lives.  That’s the tragedy.”

(And Mr. Barnicle would know.  Hey, aren’t you that guy on SpongeBob Squarepants!?  Anyway, yes, Mr. Barnicle would know about all of us being racist, as he is, of course, the all-encompassing arbiter of racism in our country.  This old white guy is going to tell us all about racism and who is and who isn’t a racist.)

(Then he calls us “victims” who “need a leader.”  Newsflash Mr. Barnicle, we WERE victims of leadership that had been selling us and our country down the river.  And now we have a leader who is doing EXACTLY what we want him to do.  How clueless can a supposed “contributor” be?  Don’t answer that!)

Yes my friends, it is this bad with the fake news.

The good news is that MSNBC and CNN have virtually no viewers.




And oh, by the way, here’s a list of “uneducated” people who didn’t graduate from college who did pretty well for themselves: Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Robert “F-you” DeNiro, Seth Rogan, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks, Ted Turner, Henry Ford, Simon Cowell, Wolfgang Puck, Halle Berry and Sean Connery, just to name a few.


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