The question should be “why haven’t they lost their security clearances already,” not “who might lose their security clearance?”

When MrErickson served in the armed forces of the United States, my job required me to have a Top Secret security clearance.  When I left the military my security clearance ended as well.  I was reminded that I was not allowed to share any of the classified information I had.  I was also given a list of things I was not allowed do and places I was not allowed to go for a given period of time.

This seemed completely understandable, reasonable and acceptable to me at the time.

When I had my security clearance, we were always guided by “the need to know” caveat.  Just because you had a clearance didn’t mean you got to look at any classified material you wanted.  If you didn’t have a “need to know” to accomplish your job or mission you didn’t get access to that classified material.

According to The Associated Press, President Trump is reviewing the security clearances of nine other individuals:

Former CIA Director Michael “Dr. Evil” Hayden.

Former FBI Director James “the comeydian” Comey.

Former acting FBI director Andrew “handy Andy” McCabe.

Former national security adviser Susan “the puppet” Rice.

Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter “mission impossible” Strzok.

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally “insubordinate” Yates.

Former National Intelligence Director James “clap on clap off” Clapper.

Former FBI lawyer Lisa “the lover” Page.

Former Justice Department official Bruce “can I buy a vowel” Ohr.

The key word at the beginning of all of their titles and names is “FORMER.”

Now that they have left or been fired from their “former” government positions, there should be no question about them losing their security clearances.  It should be a standard operating procedure for them, just as it is for all of the other “non-privileged,” “non-swamp related” government employees.

They don’t have “the need to know” or “the right to know” anymore.

“Former” CIA Director John “how did I ever get that job” Brennan has already lost his clearance.  This was especially nice to see, since Brennan had been displaying foolish and even treasonous behavior in an attempt to protect himself and the rest of his “swampy” friends.

Hopefully we’ll see more lists in the future of additional “swamp rats,” who have become former this or former that, who will be losing their clearances!

I’m afraid to ask, but does Hillary still have hers?



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