So the “biased fake news media” goes all the way back over 30 years ago? Oh yeah!

Does the picture remind you of how the “biased fake news media” tried to manipulate the polls regarding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?  It should, because it’s the same old strategy out of the same old liberal propaganda playbook.  Trump “had no path to victory,” and neither did Ronald Reagan.

The day was August 11, 1984, a Saturday, and then President Ronald Reagan was getting ready for his weekly 9 a.m. live radio broadcast.  President Reagan was asked by the National Public Radio (NPR) engineers to make a pre-broadcast mic check.  He obliged, by jokingly declaring, “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever.  We begin bombing in five minutes!”

According to Politico, “News of his remark soon leaked to the media, turning what President Reagan believed to be a harmless private joke into an international embarrassment, precipitating dismay among America’s allies and providing fodder for Soviet propaganda mills.”

“A Parisian newspaper suggested that only trained psychologists could know whether Reagan’s remarks reflected “a statement of repressed desire or the exorcism of a dreaded phantom.” A Dutch news service remarked dryly, “‘Hopefully, the man tests his missiles more carefully.’”

“Some other foreign newspapers and news services called Reagan ‘an irresponsible old man,’ declaring that his comments were ‘totally unbecoming’ for an American president who at the time was seeking re-election.

Do any of these remarks sound familiar as far as President Trump is concerned?

Please note that President Reagan did win re-election in 1984.  Not only did he win re-election, but he destroyed his democrat adversary, Walter Mondale.  The electoral vote count was 525-13!  Yes, 525-13!  And President Reagan won 49 out of the 50 states, losing only in Mondale’s home state of Minnesota.  What a wipe out!  I have heard it was said that “President Reagan had no path to victory!”

Anyway, now that we know how terribly this event effected President Reagan’s re-election hopes, let’s get back checking out the propaganda that was being spread by the “fake news media” everywhere.

“Russian commentators jumped all over Reagan’s mic check.  One of them wrote: ‘It is said that a person’s level of humor reflects the level of his thinking. If so, aren’t one and the other too low for the president of a great country?’”

“TASS, the official Soviet news agency, solemnly declared that ‘the USSR condemns this unprecedented and hostile attack by the U.S. president’ and added that ‘this kind of behavior is incompatible with the great responsibility borne by heads of nuclear states for the destinies of their own people and mankind.’”

Remember that this international uproar was all caused by an engineer or two from National Public Radio (NPR) “leaking” President Reagan’s remarks to the “biased fake news media,’ who were then more than happy to make our president look bad on the national and international stage.

“In the pre-internet era, decades before Twitter salvos emanated daily from the White House, Reagan’s detractors charged that the president was an anti-communist provocateur, a reckless nuclear ‘cowboy’ intent on provoking a conflict with the Soviet Union.”

“As matters turned out, a president who had once, quite seriously, assailed Russia as an “evil empire” went on to establish a close personal relationship with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.”

President Reagan would go on to lay the groundwork that would lead to the downfall and the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Again, in this instance and many more that would follow, the case for Russian sympathy and collusion rests on the shoulders of the democrats, the “biased fake news media,” and “the swamp” in general.

They may continue to “throw shade” President Trump’s way, but we are wise to their tricks and their underhandedness now.

“The swamp” has our full and undivided attention.

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