“Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone.”

This line is from the book, “Poems of Passion,” written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, who was an American author and poet.

I feel like this line is apropos when talking about the UN General Assembly’s reaction to our President, Donald Trump, and his speech on Tuesday.

However, our “biased fake news media” has attempted to put President Trump in the worst light possible…, again.

For example, here are some excerpts from an article by David Nakamura that appeared in The Washington Post:

“People actually laughed at a president: At U.N. speech, Trump suffers the fate he always feared.”

“UNITED NATIONS — President Trump has long argued that the United States has been taken advantage of by other nations — a ‘laughing stock to the entire World,’ he said on Twitter in 2014 — and his political rise was based on the premise that he had the strength and resolve to change that.”

“But at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, Trump got a comeuppance on the world’s biggest stage. Delivering a speech that aimed to establish U.S. ‘sovereignty’ over the whims and needs of other nations, the president’s triumphant moment was marred in the first minute when he was met by laughter — at his expense.”

“The embarrassing exchange came when Trump boasted that his administration had accomplished more over two years than “almost any administration” in American history, eliciting audible guffaws in the cavernous chamber hall.”

“The president appeared startled. ‘Didn’t expect that reaction,’ he said, ‘but that’s okay.’”

“Members of the audience chuckled again — perhaps this time in sympathy.”

If you watch the video, they do chuckle again, but they also give President Trump a resounding round of applause, which David Nakamura and The Washington Post conveniently fail to mention.

Our ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, had a different take on what was going on there.

While talking with Fox News she stated that she felt, “they laughed with President Trump, at the UN, out of respect.”

“They love how honest he is,” she added.

Haaretz, an Israeli news organization, added, ‘“They loved how honest he is,’ Haley said in all seriousness while discussing the laughter Trump drew in reaction to him boasting his administration has done more than almost any in history. ‘It’s not diplomatic and they find it funny. … When he goes and he is very truthful, they kind of were taken back by it.’”

‘“All day yesterday, they were falling over themselves to get a picture with him, to talk about how great his speech was,’ she continued. ‘They love that he’s honest with them and they’ve never seen anything like it, so there’s respect there. I saw that the media was trying to make it something disrespectful. That’s not what it was.  They love to be with him.’”

Hmmm.  Those are quite different takes on the same event.  I’m sorry Mr. Nakamura, but I think I’m going to have to go with Nikki Haley’s take, since she is with these people all day every day.

In addition, you know Nikki Haley must be right because the “biased fake news media” has not followed-up with any diplomats that would contradict Ambassador Haley’s view.  If any of the diplomats the way the “biased fake news media” does, you know they would have been paraded around to try and embarrass The President.

Another thing I found interesting was Nikki Haley also mentioned that the rest of the world does not understand our media in general.  The world sees all these positive things that are happening for America, like our great economy, fixing these unfair trade deals, and our foreign policy successes, but all they hear from our media is junk about the bogus “Russia collusion” investigation, and now the circus revolving around Judge Kavanaugh.

Have you ever noticed that democrats and the “biased fake news media” hardly ever smile, nor do they have a sense of humor.  In fact, they always seem to be crying or whining about something.

“Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone.”  It appears in this case that “the world” is laughing with President Trump, and the democrats and the “biased fake news media” are weeping alone, amongst themselves…, as usual.

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