Paging Robert Mueller…, paging Robert Mueller…, are you there Mr. Mueller?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his “SWAT” (Search for Whatever Against Trump) team, has been missing in action for quite a while now.

Are you still out there chasing your Trump Russian collusion fantasy?

Or maybe it’s your Trump obstruction of justice fantasy?

Or maybe you’re just trying to scrape up anything on anybody who has ever come in contact with President Trump?  Ya, that’s probably it.

Hey…, whatever happened to all of that hoopla surrounding President Trump’s old lawyer anyway?  It would be a shame to let that FBI raid of his home and office go to waste.

You mean to tell us that you can’t even come up with anything against The President with all of those unethical, and probably illegal, recordings between The President and his attorney?

That’s pretty sad on your part.

You know, there’s only like three weeks until the midterm election.  “The swamp” could sure use a little help anytime now.

Then there are all of your followers and supporters who have so willingly bought into your witch hunt, Mr. Mueller.  They are desperately expecting you to ride in on your white horse and save the liberal day with a plethora of criminal indictments in your slimy hands.

I’m predicting you’ll be huge disappointment to your horde of hopefully ignorant groupies in that regard.

Rod Rosenstein has done an admirable job of buying you time, but it will probably end up costing him his job.  And Jeff Sessions effectively neutered himself regarding this whole situation.  I expect his head will be on the chopping block soon after the midterms as well.

You, then, Mr. Mueller, and your motley crew, will be the next to go.

What an incredible waste of time and money.

We really have no choice but to classify you and your efforts as historic failures, at least in the eyes of “the swamp” and pathetically gullible lefties everywhere.

To the rest of us, you’re just an ill-intentioned tool…, and a loser.


Oh, hey, Bob…, and weren’t you the FBI Director when terrorists attacked us on 9/11?  Your incompetence and ineptitude were on full display for all to see during that historic and epic failure as well.

This kind of track record will only earn you brownie points with the liberal History professors throughout the country, as they spin their twisted view of history to present to their students.  Or, they just may choose to leave you out of their view of history altogether.

You’re not only a lefty loser, you’re a disgrace to American patriots everywhere.

Picture me dropping the mike.


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