I’ve had my suspicions about CNN host Don Lemon’s stupidity…, and now he opened his mouth again and confirmed my suspicions!

CNN host Don Lemon (who is black by the way), during an on-air rant, declared that “white men” are the biggest terror threat to the United States, bemoaning that “there is no white-guy ban” and wondered aloud, “what do we do about that?”

Lemon went on to tell his CNN colleague, Chris Cuomo, “… we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.”

Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock said the racism coming from the left and mainstream media has become “breathtaking,” pointing to Lemon’s comment as the latest example.

“Lemon’s latest spurt of acid is a most unusual plea for national unity. ‘We have to stop demonizing people,’ and then, just two words later, a blast of divisiveness worthy of a machete,” Murdock said. “Painting with a roller rather than a mere broad brush, Lemon slams millions of his fellow Americans. He does not say they are wrong, mistaken, or misinformed. Rather, that are a ‘terror threat.’”

Murdock continued: Even worse, Lemon advises, ‘We have to start doing something about them.’ I shudder at the thought of what Lemon has in mind.”

“The American Left, of which ‘objective journalist’ Lemon clearly is a leader, is good at only one thing, psychological projection. Rather than contend with their own flaws, they accuse others of bearing them. Lemon and his ilk accuse President Trump of being racist and divisive, which serves as incredibly thin cover for their own racist, divisive rhetoric. The only good news here is that the American people increasingly see past the Left’s psychological self-delusion and recognize these people as what they are… increasingly violent bigots,” Murdock said.

Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume added, “I could hardly believe he actually said that, but the video shows he certainly did. Remarkable.”

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the video captioned, ‘Imagine the outrage if you changed ‘white men’ with any other [racial] demographic?”

I would like to remind “Mr.” Lemon that there are currently over 2 million people in prisons, jails, and detention centers in our country.

Nearly three-quarters of federal inmates, 71.4%, are either of African American or Latino descent. That’s 37.6% (Black) and 33.8% (Latino) respectively. The problem with this is that these two groups collectively only make up 21.3% of the entire American population!

White Americans make up 25% of the federal prison population but are 63.7% of the US population.

Perhaps “Mr.” Lemon should reconsider exactly what men are the biggest “threats,” what men should be “banned,” and what men need something done about them.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

“Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn’t misuse it.” – Pope John Paul II

“Stupidity has a knack of getting in its own way.” – Albert Camus

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” -George Carlin

“We can be anything we choose to be in this life.  It’s strange that so many people choose to be stupid.” – MrEricksonRules

“Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid.” – John Wayne

“Everyone has the right to be stupid.  It’s just that some people abuse the privilege.” – Unknown

“Think of how stupid the average person is, then realize that half of them are stupider than that.” – George Carlin


Thank you to Brian Flood, who covers the media for Fox News, for contributing to this article.

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