Why is Reading Important?

The first thing students always want to know is why they need to learn something.  Why is this relevant to them?

Regarding “Reading,” which I have taught from 2nd grade all the way up to the post high school level, here is what I have come up with when I am asked, “Why is Reading important?”

reading 7

Reading is most important because we think with words.

Think about it!

Reading is most important because we think in words.

reading 1

Our thoughts are generally in our primary language.

Our knowledge is stored in our brains in this language as well.

Almost everything we think about and know is represented by words, or pictures, in our brain.

We do store some memories as smells, as tastes, as sounds, as touches and by emotions as well, but even these sensory memories are then categorized or defined with words.

So…, the better our vocabulary, which is developed through reading and communication with others, the better and more diverse our thought processes can be.

reading 4

Additionally, Reading is important because as long as you can read you don’t have to depend on anyone else to learn.

Learning about anything, or how to do anything, is as easy as looking it up on the internet or stopping by a library.

reading 6

Reading also helps develop our imagination and thinking processes.  TV, videos, and computer games all have their place, but these are different forms of amusement and entertainment that show us pictures of other people’s imagination and thought.

reading 3

Reading and writing are connected.  Typically, the more you read the better the writer you’ll be.

On a more basic level, Reading is important to be able to function day to day.  This includes being able to read warning signs, road signs, forms that need to be filled-out, instructions for medication, cooking, and much more.

“A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.” – Unknown

reading 5

All too often these days, people are not given the opportunity to just stop and think.  We are bombarded with visual and audio overload at every turn.

Taking time to read allows us to think, to consider, to conceptualize, as opposed to just receiving external input.

“Reading forces you to be quiet in a world that no longer allows time for that. – Mr. Erickson

“A little Reading is all the therapy a person needs sometimes. – Unknown


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