Here are some funny memes I’ve come across that I’d like to share…, Part 1.

“Meme” is pronounced [MEEM], and rhymes with “seem,” if you’re not familiar with the term.

funny meme what-is-a-meme

A “meme” is a humorous image that is copied and enhanced (often with the addition of a message, joke, or saying) and spread rapidly by Internet users.  I’m sure you saw them before you even knew there was a special name for them.  I know I did.

Well, anyway…, here we go!

funny meme 16



funny memes 9

funny meme 19

funny meme 6

funny memes 8

funny memes 7

jack n

funny meme dad winning

funny meme 18

funny memes 1

bikers for trump

white president

Look for more of my favorite memes tomorrow!


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