Shhh…, Apple (Siri) is listening…

Seriously Apple?


This is now my third blog dealing with Apple’s unethical behavior…, which includes them lying about it.

According to Christopher Carbone of Fox News, “Apple has halted its practice of having human contractors listen to users’ Siri recordings to ‘grade’ them, following an investigative report on the issue.”

apple 2

Wait…, what?!

They’re “grading” the recordings!


Ya, I bet they are!  It would probably be better described as “ranking,” however!

‘“Too often we see that so-called “smart assistants” are in fact eavesdropping,’ said Silkie Carlo, the director of the U.K. campaign group Big Brother Watch. ‘We also see that they often collect and use people’s personal information in ways that people do not know about and cannot control.’”

“The British publication previously reported that contractors could hear details of private medical discussions and couples having sex.”

Oh yeah…, definitely “ranking!”

I’d like to hear their top 10 list that they have “graded!”

“The Tim Cook-led company [Apple] told The Guardian, which broke the initial story, that it would not restart the program until it had thoroughly reviewed the practice.  It also committed to adding the ability for users to opt out of the quality assurance mechanism altogether in a future software update.”

Oh yes…, by all means…, please…, “thoroughly review this practice!”

And then they go on to call their spying on people a “quality assurance mechanism!”


It is quite apparent that Apple believes the rest of us are all idiots if they felt that BS would fly.

Please…, give us a little credit!

apple 3

apple 7

“Apple told The Guardian in a statement: ‘We are committed to delivering a great Siri experience while protecting user privacy. While we conduct a thorough review, we are suspending Siri grading globally. Additionally, as part of a future software update, users will have the ability to choose to participate in grading.’”

Oh yeah…, it’s “a great Siri experience” alright…, for these eavesdroppers!

apple 6

It’s such a relief that, in the future, you’ll offer us the ability to choose whether we want to be spied on or not!

apple 1

In addition, “Apple has repeatedly made privacy a centerpiece of its corporate image, with Cook [Apple’s CEO] even seeming to take subtle shots at Big Tech rivals like Facebook and Google.”

Isn’t there a saying about being careful about throwing rocks when you live in a glass house or something?

Will these giant corporate idiots never learn?

The answer to that is “no,” and we probably won’t either.

apple 4

apple 8

Fox News reached out to Apple for comment on this story, to no avail.


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