Oh you dumocrats…, you’ve done it again!

aiowa 11

Yes…, I’ve officially chosen to use the term “dumocrats” now.  “Dumocrat” will now appear in perpetuity in place of the word “democrat” in all of my blogs.

Okay…, anyway…, back to the topic at hand.

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

The Iowa caucuses have finally reached their climax.

aiowa 10

The dumocrats finally get to pick their “best of the rest” to pin their hopes on, and the republicans get to see which loser they decide to hitch their wagon to.

But wait…, after all of this time, it’s 7:00 CST the following morning, and we still don’t know what the dumocrats of Iowa decided!

aiowa 5

aiowa 6

The dumocrat party of Iowa first came out and officially claimed there were “quality control issues.”

Now we hear it is the old dreaded “computer glitch!”

That’s the “dog ate my homework” excuse of the 21st century.

aiowa 1

Yes, we know…, the “quality control issues” and “computer glitches” mean the results were not what “the powers that be” in the dumocrat party wanted, and it just takes a little time to manipulate the caucus results.

You can understand that, can’t you?

Bernie Sanders sure can!

He’s very familiar with the whole process!

Can the democrat party at least give Bernie a kiss this time after you screw him?


aiowa 2

aiowa 4

aiowa 9

Well, anyway…, it’s on to New Hampshire…, any nobody has any momentum at the moment…, except President Trump!

aiowa 7


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