Is our response to the coronavirus unrealistic?

I see that this event is getting cancelled, and that school is closing down, and these games are being suspended, and any plans that involve interactions with people are being changed.

We’re wearing masks, washing our hands 20 times a day, and consuming hand sanitizer like never before.

Is it all really necessary?

Are these new “health” practices going to end up being more harmful than helpful?

I mean, the regular old annual flu is way more dangerous than the coronavirus is.

acorona3 1

Are we setting a precedent now where we’re going to implement all of these travel bans and event cancellations and school closures every new flu season?

acorona3 4

acorona3 5

acorona3 6

How can we not now?

How can we pretend one is more dangerous than the other?

How can we put all of these restrictions in place to avoid one virus but not another?

Does that make any sense?

Why have we been willing to just go about our normal everyday lives with the flu virus lurking out there, behind every cough, every sneeze, every handshake, and all of our everyday interactions?

Why is risking getting the flu any less risky than getting the coronavirus?

acorona3 2

Why were we one day completely okay with the potential of catching the flu and the next day completely freaking out over the possibility of catching something that’s not even as bad?

Oh…, and just a reminder…, during the 2018-2019 flu season [November thru April, or about six months], 647,000 people were hospitalized and 61,200 died.”

And that’s only in the U.S.

The seasonal flu kills between 291,000 and 646,000 people worldwide each year, according to estimates.

Again…, it doesn’t make any sense.

Worldwide 4,756 people have died due to the coronavirus as of today.

But making sense is not the strong suit of the democrats or their co-conspirators, the liberal propaganda, fake news media.

It is not a requirement either.

acorona3 7

In fact, a situation like this is a perfect one for the democrats and their co-conspirators, the liberal propaganda, fake news media.


Because it’s a situation that The President can’t win.

Have we been able to eliminate the flu?


Will we be able to eliminate the coronavirus?

Probably not.

And certainly not anytime soon.

And as long as the coronavirus hangs around, the democrats and their co-conspirators, the liberal propaganda, fake news media can stand back, whip up the hysteria, and take pot shots at him.

acorona3 3

Boy…, the democrats and their co-conspirators, the liberal propaganda, fake news media friends are sure desperate to gain political control over this country again, aren’t they?

They are just hell-bent on destroying this country and our way of life.

That’s exactly why we have to stand strong and make sure they don’t get the chance.

At some point, people will get tired of living in fear and living in a bubble, and they’ll say screw it, just like they had been doing, and they’ll go back to living their lives again, and maybe they’ll get the flu along the way.


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2 thoughts on “Is our response to the coronavirus unrealistic?

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  1. The ‘panic’ is in full swing. Demonuts are hoping that this will bolster their chances to win in November. Just like the failed impeachment, they have already undermined their chances to carry any seriousness in November. The Dems are as left as I’ve ever seen them.

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  2. Read my latest post on how the US responded to COVID-19. I’de say the way President Trump handled the present situation is short of a miracle.

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