Random acts of kindness.

I saw this article recently, which reminded me of one of my favorite life lesson stories.

Random acts of kindness, be they great or small, most definitely do have a positive effect, and a ripple effect through our families, our communities, our country, and or world.

astarfish 5

astarfish 6

According to Travis Fedschun of Fox News, “Thousands of starfish washed up on South Carolina beaches during low tide recently.”

astarfish 1

“Small starfish washed ashore Monday during low tide in areas near the tourist hotspot of Myrtle Beach.”

“Residents and tourists rushed to play in the mass of wriggling starfish, collecting some and putting handfuls of others back into the water.”

astarfish 3

Ann Malys Wilson, an interpretative ranger (Interpretive Ranger?) at Myrtle Beach State Park, told The Sun News the starfish are known as Lined Sea Stars and can wash up with strong waves, depending on the current.

I have now learned that, “Interpretive park rangers, also commonly referred to as cultural park rangers, are responsible for providing an enlightening experience to the visitors of city, state, or nationally designated parks.”

Well, alrighty then…, please enlighten us Ms. Wilson!

astarfish 7

‘“We tend to see more sea creatures when it’s warmer water,’ she told the paper.”

“Dakota Hughes, an aquarist from Ripley’s Aquarium, told WPDE-TV that starfish washing up on South Carolina beaches is normal.”

First an interpretive ranger and now an “aquarist?”

It turns out an aquarist is just a fancy word for someone who works at an aquarium.

Please proceed, “aquarist,” Dakota Hughes!

‘“We see them more this time of year because there are more living organisms in the intertidal zone for them to feed on,’ he told the television station. ‘As winter comes, they tend to head back out closer to the shelf.’”

“Hughes added, however, in the five years he has worked in the area that he’s never seen as many starfish as the ones that washed up in recent days.”

astarfish 2

astarfish 4

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