Now that’s big…, big I tell you! Big!

B-I-G big, is what all of these things are!

Let’s take a look.

Holy flying bigfoot, Batman!

Call them flying foxes or fruit bats, these tropic-dwelling creatures are practically the size of men, but thankfully feed on fruits, plants, and insects. Interestingly, these bats rely on eyesight as opposed to echolocation.

One of the largest Jellyfish in existence, the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish is often found in the English Channel and Irish Sea. The largest recorded Lion’s Mane had a body measuring seven feet in diameter and tentacles measuring over 120 feet long.

Capable of reaching over 30 feet in length, composed of essentially all muscle at over 600 pounds, Anacondas in South America are no joke. If they can out-wrestle a crocodile, you surely know any normal man’s chances.

Somehow this Redwood tree got into the ocean, and then somehow the ocean managed to toss it up on shore. That stump is big, but the ocean is bigger, with power to spare!

Naturally, the world’s largest heart comes courtesy of the world’s largest creature – a Blue Whale. About the size of a small compact sedan, the blue whale heart weighs around 400 pounds. It’s terrifying to discover that two humans could hide in its aortas.

Here we have a scale model of the Sun and the planets. The diameter of the sun is 109 times larger than that of the Earth, about 864,000 miles wide. One million Earth’s could fit inside the sun.

Capable of flying at speeds nearing 100 miles per hour, the Common Eagle, weighing only 15 pounds in its adult stage, can still have a wingspan of more than seven feet! Then, its talons are capable of reaching two inches in length, able to inflict up to 1,000 pounds per square inch worth of force.

On the right, we have a typical semi-truck. On the left, we have a Caterpillar mining truck.

The tallest dog is the three-year-old Danish Great Dane Zeus from Michigan

Australian Adelaide River crocodile known as Brutus.

I think I’ll take a pass on that river cruise!

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