Those D.A.R.N. Democrats! “Destroy America Right Now” Democrats!

I get really tired of Illegitimate Joe, and all of his friends, constantly referring to MAGA Republicans in a derogatory manner.

What part of “Make America Great Again” do you have a problem with?

I’m proud to consider myself someone who wants to return our country to greatness.

We definitely aren’t there now.

In order to combat the democrats’ derogatorily “pigeon holing” American patriots as MAGA Republicans, I say we should start referring to democrats as “those DARN democrats!”

Destroying America Right Now democrats.

It’s time to stand-up against those DARN democrats!

It’s time to let those DARN democrats know that we, the patriotic, loyal, American people, won’t idly stand by and watch them systematically undermine our great nation.

We now realize that the actions of these DARN democrats are intentional, and not a matter of simple stupidity.

Those DARN democrats are destroying America right now.

Let’s make DARN democrats a thing, and make it stick to them like a badge of dishonor!

Everyone has my permission to use this term!

Let’s make it go viral!

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Thank you, MrEricksonRules.


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