NRA opposition hits the jackpot with Vegas massacre.

Those who oppose The National Rifle Association (NRA) can now feel free to put their “bashing shoes” on. Politicians and anyone with access to a microphone or social media, that are against the 2nd amendment will be blabbing and typing with due diligence.  Addressing this issue, however, it is already illegal for people to possess automatic weapons in this country.  And I think we can all agree that is a good thing.  There is no reason for anyone to possess a “machine gun.”  But apparently, people can buy conversion kits that get around how the law technically defines an automatic weapon.  It’s hard to imagine that is possible, but I wouldn’t put anything past a law that is crafted by our inept and beholden Congress.  That law needs to be updated and corrected now, and the NRA needs to support our rights under the 2nd amendment without being unreasonable or irresponsible.


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