My First Predictions!

If Hillary Clinton doesn’t at least attempt to run for president again, I will eat this computer that I am working at! I know it’s hard to believe, but she is all-consumed by the idea, besides the fact that she feels her place in history is preordained and owed to her. Also, don’t ever put anything past the Clinton mafia!

Whether Hillary ends up running or not, the election of 2020 will end up being the most divisive and brutal election in U.S. history, period. Many liberals took the 2016 election for granted and sat on their hands.  Not in 2020!  All, and I mean ALL of the stops will be pulled out by the biased media, Hollywood, and the liberal/democrat political machine in general.  All of the liberals, either guilty or frustrated by the events surrounding the 2016 election, will be out and in our faces in full force and losing their minds.  It is going to get UGLY, and in the end, half of our country is going to be VERY unhappy, to put it mildly.  This election will change our country in a significant way.

You read it here first!

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