An open letter to President Trump:

Dear Mr. President,

Please consider not cutting any funds from the Job Corps program. In fact, please consider expanding the program.

Being a teacher with Job Corps, this would seem self-serving, but my request is anything but.

At any given time, Job Corps centers across the country are assisting over 20,000 disadvantaged and disconnected young men and women get their lives on a positive track. They are learning a trade, getting their high school diplomas, and becoming confident and proud of themselves.  They leave here with good jobs and as productive and responsible members of our society.  They are also positive examples of “what can be” in their neighborhoods back home.

I see the transformation in these young people every day, and it is amazing.

I can’t think of a much better way to invest the taxpayer’s money, can you? Please let your congressperson and senators know that we all support Job Corps’ mission.

Thank you.

Check out what Job Corps is doing here —> Job Corps Courier Vol. 4_Issue 3_ 09_29_2017_final

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