Why “We the People” need to “have our President’s back.”

”The swamp” and its supporters loved President Trump (and his money) before he ran for president, and up until he won the Republican nomination. Then they hated him with a passion.  Then they tolerated him as the biased lamestream media assured the rest of “the swamp” and its supporters that Mr. Trump “had no path to victory.”  Trump and his supporters were to be laughed at and the brunt of all of their snarky and enlightened jokes.

But then he won.

Now “the swamp” and its supporters are fighting even harder, desperately clinging to their ability to generate money for each other, their relevancy, their ability to generate money for each other, their political ideology, their ability to generate money for each other, their power, and their ability to generate money for each other. Did I mention it’s all about the money?  And NOTHING that will slow this president down is out of bounds.  NOTHING.

Let’s review who “the swamp” and its supporters are:

All Democrats in the Senate, the House of Representatives, and right on down.

Many established Republican Senators and Representatives.

People entrenched in various government bureaucracies (“the deep state’).

Those running our intelligence agencies (FBI/CIA/NSA).

The biased mainstream media (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, The NY Times, The Washington Post, and most other newspapers, magazines, and media outlets)

Much of Hollywood and the entertainment business in general.

Union bosses and higher ups.

Most lobbyists.

Most special interest groups.

Many in the Educational system.

Wealthy liberals.

Many foreign governments.

Wealthy foreign investors.

Despite this long list of individuals doing everything they could to defeat Mr. Trump, he won.

The only people President Trump had on his side were himself, his family, and a significant amount of the American people.

Fox News and some radio talk show hosts were not really “on his side,” they were just not part of “the swamp” and generally more fair-minded.

Looking at all of those who were, and are, against Mr. Trump, can there be any question about the justification of voting for him or the need for us to have voted for him? I’ll give you a clue.  The answer begins with an “N” and ends with an “O.”

There is no question America needed, and needs, Donald Trump.

There is also no question that now Donald Trump needs the American people to “have his back” so he can do what we sent him to Washington to do:



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