O True Liberals, True Liberals, wherefore art thou True Liberals?

Liberalism was born in the 1960’s, and that’s also when I grew up. I gotta tell ya, “Man, liberalism has changed!”

In the 60’s, Liberals wanted separation from government and “the establishment” system (“the man”) in general. A popular saying and rallying cry from those times was, ”Never trust the man.”

Liberals wanted to be independent and rely on themselves and their ingenuity for their survival. They rejected the rules of society and promoted freedom and individuality.

Today, liberals are the gatekeepers of political correctness, big government and the dependency on that government. Liberals today are always looking to expand government, expand government control, expand government regulation, and raise our taxes.

The word “Liberal” comes from the word “Liberty,” and liberty means freedom.

The word “liberal” should mean “a lover of freedom.” But today’s liberals are anything but.

Liberals no longer want freedom of speech. The only speech they want allowed is speech that is in agreement with their beliefs.  They believe in freedom of religion, just as long as that religion isn’t Christianity. Today’s liberals have traded-in their love of freedom for a love of “free” hand-outs from the government. But we all know nothing is free.  Somebody else has to pay for those hand-outs.

Today’s liberals are really more socialists/communists, by definition. And today’s conservatives should really be considered the “liberals.”

So, where are the True Liberals?  The True Liberals of today just voted for Donald Trump. The True Liberals of today just, ”flipped off” the swamp and the establishment government.

Hey, I guess I’m really a True Liberal, and I’m proud of it.




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