Liberals weren’t the only ones crying when Donald Trump was elected President.

We have all seen the images of distraught and disappointed Hillary supporters crying the night of the presidential election in November of 2016.

But I’m here to tell you there were probably more Trump supporters that shed tears that night.

Hillary’s people cried at a perceived loss of entitlement. They cried because they had been deceived by the biased mainstream media, Hollywood and other members of “the establishment,” into thinking this was “a gimme.” “The establishment” painted Donald Trump as the vilest of candidates; racist, unintelligent, unethical and uncaring.  There was no way this horrible human being could deny Hillary her throne.

But denied she was.

Trump supporters, on the other hand, though hopeful, fully expected to see “crooked Hillary” assume the presidency this evening.

But as the evening progressed, and chinks started to appear in Hillary’s armor, we dared to start believing that the inevitable might not be so inevitable.

Then as one improbable state here piled onto another toss-up state there, Trump supporters started to realize that “gut feeling” they had was not just indigestion. This was really happening!

Then, in the early morning hours of the 9th, when the election was finally called for Donald Trump, is when millions of tears were shed.

Many of us, sitting alone in the dark, watching the unbelievable happen in front of us on our TVs, started to shed a tear or two.

We shed a tear because our faith in the system was restored.

We shed a tear because Mr. Trump was able to overcome such insurmountable and choreographed adversity.

We shed a tear because we now had hope again for our children, our children’s children and ourselves.

We shed a tear because he actually did it.

He actually friggin’ did it.

crying hillary supporter



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