Among Black Americans, who decides who is a “sellout” and what constitutes being a “sellout?”

I saw something on TV this past weekend that had me pondering this question.  I was flipping through the channels and I ended up watching a movie on the BET (Black Entertainment Television) Network. During the movie I saw an ad for some show that would select the biggest Black sellout(s) of 2017.  (Funny, I’ve never seen this ad on any other station that I’ve watched.)  It’s actually kind of ironic that the same people who  throw around the terms “sellout” and “Uncle Tom” are the ones who are the true sellouts in my opinion.

Don’t agree? Let’s take a look and see.  I personally am not Black, but I can still have an opinion.

So who are the ones branding people as “sellouts” and Uncle Toms?” Primarily it’s the Black media (TV, radio, magazines) or Black entertainment groups and Black entertainers.  The same “Black media” entities that are either owned or primarily controlled by their white “money masters,” or establishment Blacks who are in turn controlled by their white “money masters,” similar to the “drivers” that existed on the old plantations of the South.  A good example of a “driver” would be the character “Stephen” from the movie “Django Unchained.”

The Blacks who are branded as “sellouts” are not done so based on actions against their race or culture, but rather for actions that go against established political norms and expectations, which have proved to only be beneficial to the white “masters,” the establishment “drivers,” and entertainers, but not Black Americans as a whole.

You need more proof? Ok. Well, how are the white “masters” doing these days? Pretty good, right? How are the Black establishment, Black politicians, and Black entertainers doing? Pretty good, right?

Now, how is the rest of Black America doing?


How is the rest of Black America doing regarding:



Poverty levels?



Drugs and drug treatment?

Single parent families?

Rates of incarceration?

Exactly. Unless you’re a member of the Black establishment, then you are not concerned about those issues because they don’t affect you directly.

But if you’re Black, and you go against the status quo, you’re a sellout.

But a sellout to who and a sellout of whom? Think about it.

Black America has remained “beholden” to the same establishment for the last 50+ years, at a rate of about 90%.

So how has that worked out for Black America as a whole?

I’d say about 80% of our fellow Black Americans are suffering, and that’s just fine with the people that aren’t “selling out.”

The Black establishment just keeps trotting out the same old, tired, and divisive, cries of racism, and police brutality, so they don’t have to actually do anything about the other issues listed above.

That’s my opinion. Let me know what you think.


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