If you like your “swamp” you can keep your “swamp.”

If you think the government, as it stood up until 2017, was doing just fine, then I can understand you supporting “the five forces against President Trump.”

Let’s just be clear then about what you feel was “just fine.”

Was/is it just fine with you that:

… we spend about 5X more per year on incarcerating a criminal that we do on educating a child?

… our education systems are failing millions of children every year?

… our Federal government was grabbing power (through regulation) and land at an unprecedented rate.

… we have a federal deficit of over $20 trillion dollars (and it grows by $3 million every minute), which means each child is born owing about $63,000?

… our economy’s growth had slowed to a snail’s pace, and we were losing a record number of American jobs and companies to other countries?

… people who didn’t qualify to get ObamaCare for free were/are going broke paying their mandated exorbitant premiums, as well as their health care costs, which didn’t even approach their astronomic deductible amounts?

… our governments, the one we see and the one we don’t see (“the swamp”), felt emboldened to be as biased as they wanted to and unaccountable for their actions?

… we were placating terrorist groups and countries supporting them all around the world?

… we were letting “climate change” policies hamper and hinder our economic policies, even though none of the “climate change” policies would actually make an actual impact towards effecting “climate change,” if indeed we really should be trying to effect “climate change?”

… we were allowing illegal immigrants into the country at a record pace, while allowing these illegal immigrants to take advantage of our social services systems, and make a mockery of our laws?

… any progress we may have made in race and culture relations seems to have taken a couple of steps backwards because of divisive leadership?

… our congress (Representatives and Senators) no longer seem to represent their people, but only their party. (When is the last time ONE democrat Representative or Senator went against their national party?)

… we have basically lost our most basic government watchdog, the press, as our major media outlets now just choose to not report items that could prove harmful to politicians or causes that go along with their political stances, while hyper-magnifying (or creating) stories that would seem to have a negative effect on their political adversaries? This is no longer a “free press,” but a purveyor of left-wing propaganda.

… we are unable to determine who is able to go into who’s public bathroom? Or better yet, that anybody is free to go into whatever bathroom they want?

I could go on with this list, but I think I have made a sufficient argument.

So, if all of this was “just fine” with you, and you wanted it all to just continue on this path, then go ahead and support “the five forces against President Trump.” Just don’t expect “We the People” to go along for that ride.

forces against trump

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